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No source of comfort for persecuted believers

Sam Campbell
Oct 27, 2021

Where do you turn when facing life’s problems?

Your spouse? Pastor? Lifelong friends who always know what to say?

One of the best sources of wisdom and comfort is the Bible. Unfortunately, many persecuted North Korean believers face torture, imprisonment, and even the threat of death every single day — all without the comfort of God’s Word.

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is nearly here. Hopefully you’ll take some time to pray for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ on Nov. 7. And, if you’re able, hopefully you’ll give to help provide them with the two things they need most:

Bibles and food.

Owning a copy of the Scriptures is illegal in North Korea. In fact, just uttering the name of Jesus is enough to land a believer in prison.

But Christians are willing to risk it all because God’s Word is that important to them.

“It is said that North Koreans these days know the Bible as a book that can solve their frustrating problems,” one of our partners said.

Those “frustrating problems” include years inside labor camps, merciless beatings, and very little food if caught with a Bible.

On top of all that, widespread famine is causing many North Korean families to go hungry. Ongoing droughts and recent flooding have destroyed many of the crops. And the aftermath of the pandemic has kept shelves practically empty.

That’s why North Korean believers need your help today. They’re hungry for both the Word of God and for physical food.

Your gift will help meet these urgent needs!

Every $20 provides a Bible and a week’s worth of emergency food for one person. So, not only will you help meet someone’s immediate physical needs, but you will also give him spiritual hope.

Please give today to help strengthen a persecuted believer’s body and soul. And please pray for those suffering for their faith on Nov. 7.

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