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No turning back for Afghan families

Kelsey Campbell
Sep 14, 2021

“We can’t go back.”

For Adel and his family, their future in Afghanistan is uncertain. They can’t leave the country, and they’re too afraid to return to their home hundreds of miles away.

Since Adel and his family are displaced and surrounded by Taliban troops, Adel’s name has been changed for his safety.

As he looks out over his family now sleeping in tents, Adel remembers weeks ago when they left their home and their village for good. The Taliban had told them they should leave unless they wanted to be harmed. They fled for Kabul — the capital — but that’s when the Taliban took over the city. Then Adel lost all hope.

“We have spent the past two weeks in a very bad situation,” Adel said. “I am so tired psychologically. We can’t go back to my village because the road is unsafe.”

Now his entire family is trapped without a home and without basic supplies. And like other displaced people, they don’t know how they’ll survive the months ahead.

“We have no money,” Adel said. “What will we do when the winter comes? We will need food, water, blankets, everything. We have nothing.”

These people need help, and you can meet their most urgent needs by giving today. For $35, you can provide essentials like food and clean water to last one refugee for an entire week.

Unfortunately, there’s no turning back for families in Afghanistan. It’s almost impossible to leave the country, yet it’s dangerous to return home. You can help refugees and displaced people living in camps and temporary shelters as they wait to see what happens next.

You can help as they pick up the pieces of their lives.

Adel doesn’t know what the future holds for his family. But he knows they need food, clean water, clothes, blankets, and medicine. YOU can be the one who helps provide it.

Please give today to help someone in Afghanistan or another high-conflict area.

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