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On the Field in Peru: Expanding Our Impact

Vernon Brewer
May 17, 2013

Today, I’m on my way to Peru with an awesome team of World Help staff and supporters.

This will be my second trip to Peru in a year as we continue our life-changing work on the ground through the exciting new partnership we established in 2012.

Before my first visit to Peru last year, I wasn’t expecting to see such suffering  . . . such need  . . . such hopelessness. I didn’t realize that generations of women were being physically and psychologically abused with nowhere to turn. I hadn’t seen the thousands of impoverished Peruvians forced to work hours in the treacherous salt mines for little pay . . . raising their children in caves on the side of a mountain. I wasn’t aware of the depth of spiritual confusion and despair experienced by those who have extensive special needs and are being shuffled to the outskirts of society. I didn’t know.

But I know now!

Peruvian woman

This is why I’m passionately committed to expanding our outreach projects in Peru like never before, and showing you how together, we can help bring restoration and renewal to a people who have endured centuries of oppression and poverty.

My team and I will be distributing food and survival necessities to families with starving children as we work alongside our feeding program, which is already operating at full capacity to reach these remote mountain communities.

We’ll be visiting new churches, distributing Bibles, and meeting with church planters and leaders to discuss strategies that promote spiritual engagement and offer hope to thousands.

Brand-new water projects will be finalized, providing clean water to hundreds and paving the way for better health and improved economies while freeing up time to pursue education and career opportunities.

Peruvians with the burden of immobility will be given the freedom and independence they’ve longed for through the gift of a wheelchair, a copy of God’s Word, and the ongoing support of a local church.

Women and girls who have been victimized by abuse will see the hope of a new beginning through our outreach at Grace Home. We will be looking for ways to further expand and support this incredible program, which will enable us to take in even more victims who have nowhere else to turn.

Every single day, our team will have the extraordinary privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground to these hurting people. Every day we’ll be working together with our national partners to continue our vision for sustainability, efficiency, and dignity for those we serve.

Peruvian children

Elie Wiesle, a survivor of the Holocaust once famously said, “Not to transmit an experience is to betray it.”

To not share with you the reality and depth of human need that I see is to betray the experience I’ve been given . . . and waste the opportunity you and I have to be the change the world is waiting for.

I hope you’ll join me next week for regular updates and reflections on what God is doing in Peru and how you can be a part of the transformation.

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Please join me for this unforgettable experience!

Ways To Get Involved in Peru


Peru wheelchairs


WHEELCHAIRS: Being disabled in rural Peru means much more than a life of immobility. It means a life of utter confinement. But we’re working to change that. Simple wheelchairs give impoverished individuals the mobility they could only dream about . . . and with that comes entirely new standards of development. Help us provide wheelchairs and foster independence for those bound by disability. GIVE TO SEND WHEELCHAIRS >>


church planting





CHURCH PLANTING: We believe one of the most effective ways of sharing the Gospel is by empowering nationals to reach their peers. Our model is simple: Equip native church planters and Christian leaders with the tools they need to reach into the very heart of their countries. Support a church planter today and help him carry the Word of God further than ever. SUPPORT CHURCH PLANTING >>


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