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On the ground in Cuba: 13,000 new Christ-followers!

Vernon Brewer
Jan 30, 2020

It’s true: Some things just take time. This is especially true for the church in Cuba. After years of much prayer, this island nation is seeing a historic revival take place. Church planters all across Cuba are standing ready, eager to spread God’s Word.

I witnessed this firsthand when I was there last week.

As I sat in a tiny church packed wall to wall with believers, I couldn’t help but feel humbled. All around me people were praying and worshipping. Young people were playing music and singing. The entire congregation stayed focused on the pastor as they listened to his message. And one of the most beautiful moments was when everyone in the building joined voices to sing, “Santo! Santo! Santo!” — “Holy! Holy! Holy!”

After the service, I met with local church planters and gave them Bibles, study materials, and other resources to help them continue growing their ministries.

These church planters’ hearts are on fire for the Lord. More than anything, they want to share the Gospel with their own people.

And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

In the past nine years, these men and women have planted nearly 3,000 house churches. And they’ve seen over 134,000 people become new Christ-followers.

That’s 13,000 more believers than when I was in Cuba last March!

I had the chance to encourage these church planters and remind them that God has a purpose for their mission. They aren’t there by accident.

The Lord is already doing a great work in Cuba. Thousands of house churches have emerged where none existed. The Gospel is reaching people who had never heard the name of Jesus!

When I gave the church planters their new Bibles and resources, you would’ve thought I’d given them a million dollars. The smiles on their faces were full of gratitude.

But these materials are only a fraction of what they need. Planting churches is no small task. Bibles are scarce, and resources are limited.

For just $50, you can help equip a church planter with the resources he needs to reach more people with the Gospel. Your gift will supply him with essentials like Bibles, training, and other materials as well as necessities such as food and transportation costs.

When you support a church planter, you give him the tools to continue telling others the Good News. You answer the call of the Great Commission.

No matter where you are, you can have a direct impact on planting churches thousands of miles away. You can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Will you give today and help introduce other communities in Cuba to Christ?

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