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On the ground in Cuba: Church planters sacrifice everything

In case you missed it, my dad and I recently spent a few days visiting church planters in Cuba. I’ve been hearing stories from his trips to this island for over 20 years, and now I see why.

Cuba is rich in history and unique architecture. In some ways, it looks as if time has stood still in this scenic, island country. But the most beautiful thing I saw is a church that is growing like never before.

The church planters in Cuba amaze me. These men and women have almost nothing — no  transportation other than their own two feet and next to no resources. Yet, they have dedicated their lives to reaching their country for Christ, and nothing can keep them from their goal.

It was such an honor to meet these Cuban church planters and to hear their stories. Every day, they travel miles and miles to remote villages. And when they arrive and see a need, they immediately act, giving what little money and few resources they have to help the people they encounter.

It’s truly inspiring and has me asking, “What can I give to bring other people to Christ?”

My favorite story was about a church planter who received a donation of athletic shirts. He had the shirts cut down in size and made into jerseys for the kids in a nearby community so they could form a soccer team.

The kids were so proud to have matching uniforms — something they never could have afforded — and children from all the surrounding communities began asking if they could join the team. It quickly became a unique outreach opportunity.  

Why do I love that story so much? Because the generosity and compassion these church planters show every single day is opening the doors to share the Gospel. They are loving people with the love of Jesus — and when you love people like that, they can’t help but respond.

That is why the church in Cuba continues to grow. And when you support a church planter in Cuba or around the world, you play an important role in helping open those doors. You allow these men and women to continue to generously love others and share the Good News.

For just $50, you can help keep this important work going by supporting a church planter. Your gift will provide essentials like food and transportation as well as the training and resources needed to plant more churches. Your encouragement will mean everything to them and help them succeed in their goal of reaching their community for Christ.


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