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On the ground in Guatemala: These kids need your help

Blog Team
Jan 22, 2019

When a community is stuck in poverty, it’s the children who suffer most.

This is the case all around the world, especially in places like the remote villages of Guatemala. Tom Thompson, World Help’s senior vice president, is on the ground in Guatemala right now, and he wants to share what he’s seen with you.

While you are reading this, children in Guatemala and in poor communities around the world are suffering in silence. You won’t see them in the news, but with your help, they will not be forgotten.

Because of your compassion, their lives will be completely transformed.

For only $35 a month, you can bring help and hope to a child in need by providing his or her most basic needs.

You’ll provide lifesaving essentials like food, clean water, and medical care. You’ll give a child the chance to escape poverty by providing educational opportunities and mentorship. But most importantly, you’ll let a suffering child know that he or she is loved — by you and by their Heavenly Father.

And sponsorship doesn’t just impact one child! Your sponsorship brings hope to that boy or girl’s entire family — hope they’ve never had before.

Right now, parents around the world are terrified. Despite their hard work, their circumstances have kept them from providing for their children. Malnutrition, starvation, and devastating illnesses are a constant threat and a daily reality. The odds of their child surviving to adulthood simply aren’t good. 

But through sponsorship, you will come alongside a child and meet his or her immediate physical needs each month — all for less than you would pay for a family dinner at a restaurant. Your monthly gift of $35 will give your sponsored child the chance to grow up healthy and strong.

When you sponsor a child, you help save a life. Will you rescue a child in need today?


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