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On the ground in Uganda: A mom’s worst nightmare

During my trip to Africa, I’ve met many different people … each with a unique background and story. But they all have one thing in common. They are still struggling to survive this pandemic.

Jamira, a single mom of three, is one of those people. You can watch and learn more about her specific challenges in the video below. 

After you watch, I hope you’ll make a life-changing gift for someone like Jamira. All it takes is $14 to provide essentials like food for an out-of-work mom … medicine for a sick child … hygiene kits for vulnerable seniors, plus other physical help and spiritual hope where it’s needed most.

This past week, Jamira invited me into her home in Uganda and told me her story.

She has three young children she’s trying to raise by herself. For a while, Jamira was able to provide for them because of her laundry service. She would go door-to-door collecting laundry around the village and washing clothes for a small fee.

But with coronavirus restrictions in place, Jamira’s business has been failing since the start of the pandemic. She can no longer feed her children.

Local churches have tried to help. They’ve given Jamira and her kids several bags of food, but even those resources have run out.

And now, Jamira’s country is going under a complete lockdown for at least 42 days. She doesn’t know how they’ll survive that month and a half.

They’ve already been struggling for over a year now. It’s like a never-ending nightmare.

Families like Jamira’s need your help. And you can meet their most immediate needs today for as little as $14! Your gift puts critical supplies like food, medical care, and more into the hands of people suffering in places like Uganda and around the world.

Your generosity will also be a powerful example of Christ’s love.

Together, let’s make sure more families like Jamira’s don’t go a single day longer than necessary without basic essentials.

Please make your best gift now … and help save a life today.

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