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One Bible helped lead Zara’s entire family to Christ

Vernon Brewer
Apr 21, 2022

We serve a powerful God, don’t we?

Zara’s story is the perfect example of how our God transforms lives and makes them whole.

But Zara wasn’t a Christ-follower when our partners first met her. It wasn’t until she received a Bible from Bibles for All Ambassadors that everything changed.

Zara comes from a South Asian tribe whose religious beliefs don’t align with Scripture. In fact, I’ve changed her name because Christians there are often persecuted for their faith. Traditionally, these people offer animal sacrifices and believe in several gods and goddesses. They even consider a certain cactus-like plant the physical embodiment of their “supreme god.”

It’s hard to imagine … but that’s all Zara had ever known.

Then one day, her heart and mind were opened when she and her family heard the Gospel for the first time. Our partners prayed with them and gave them a copy of God’s Word donated by Bibles for All Ambassadors. Eventually, they all became Christ-followers!

Now that this family of seven knew the one true God, they turned to Him and began praying for Zara’s husband. He had been sick for quite a while. They asked God to heal him, and his health started to improve as the days went by.

God gave them a miracle.

Today, they continue to read the family Bible they received and are excited to grow stronger in their faith.

Are you looking for a way to share God’s Word around the world with people like Zara? Consider becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador today!

Bibles for All Ambassadors are a group of donors who give each month to send God’s Word to places where Bibles are rare — places like South Asia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

Your $30 monthly gift will send three Bibles to people hungry for God’s Word each month. And since each copy is often shared with up to five people, you could impact as many as 15 men, women, and children with the Gospel every month. That’s 180 people in one year!

Because of Bibles for All Ambassadors, Zara’s family can now study the Scripture themselves and share them with their friends. They can draw comfort from God’s Word, even on the most challenging days. That’s the kind of eternal impact you can make, too, by sending Bibles around the globe.

Click the link below to learn more about becoming a Bibles for All Ambassador.

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