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One less decision to make this holiday season

Emily Towns
Oct 29, 2018

The last few months of the year are always full of preparation — preparation for parties, for holiday meals, for visiting guests, or for travel. It can be one of the busiest times of the year!

And when it comes to your holiday giving, having too many options can sometimes be overwhelming … especially when you have dozens of other decisions to make before Dec. 25.

This year, make a simple choice. Choose to give where needed most. When you do, you guarantee that your gift will make the greatest impact possible and will be used to help people in the most urgent situations.

You can feed a family on the brink of starvation, provide emergency aid when disaster strikes, give medicine to a sick child, or meet another person’s most dire need.

Your gift can make an incredible impact on people like Jean and Alianna.

Why your giving matters

Carlos and Daniela live in Venezuela, which is in the midst of a major food crisis. We’ve changed their names to protect their privacy, but their story is too important— and all too common — not to share.

Even before the Venezuelan crisis began, Carlos and Daniela struggled to provide for their family. Every day, they hit the streets, trying to sell enough pastries to make ends meet. The days are long and exhausting, and they barely bring in enough money to survive.

Now that Venezuela’s economy has collapsed, things are even worse. Extreme inflation means even the most basic necessities are far beyond their reach. They need clothing and diapers for their babies. They need clean mattresses to sleep on. Most of all, they need food for their hungry children.

Carlos and Daniela are living in a state of emergency.

That is where you come in. By giving to those who need it the most, you will ensure that in the midst of crisis, people like Carlos and Daniela have the tools necessary to keep their family alive.

But your impact doesn’t just stop there. Through your gift, you will be the hands and feet of Jesus in places like Venezuela, Rwanda, Iraq, and beyond. You will remind people that they are deeply loved and cared for by God.

That is the best gift of all.

Carlos and Daniela work extremely hard, but they always make time to attend church on Sundays. Even though the church is far away from their home, they go every week to worship. They believe that God is faithful. They trust that His love for His children is endless.

They have hope … now they just need your help.

Make a life-changing gift today

Your $45 gift  will help someone in their moment of greatest need. The physical HELP you provide will rescue people from the brink of death while also demonstrating the eternal HOPE and love of Jesus Christ.

You will help save lives and make an eternal impact with your holiday giving this year. .

Give where needed most, and rescue someone who is desperate for help today.


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