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One mother’s determination to give her children a promising future

Chasey Pittsley
May 11, 2023


“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” – Linda Wooten

It’s almost Mother’s Day! But we’re already celebrating all the incredible mothers around the world who work hard every day to provide for their children — mothers like Daisy in Honduras.

When she was a young adult, Daisy and her husband lived in a community in Honduras. They were raising two children at the time. But seemingly out of nowhere, tragedy struck. Her husband died unexpectedly in a tragic accident, leaving Daisy, who was pregnant with their third child, to raise their family alone.

Sponsoring a child will help mothers and children alike
Daisy and her family struggled to make ends meet after her husband died

Searching for a better life and a way to support her children, Daisy, her mother, and her children moved to a different Honduran community. There, Daisy and her two oldest children found work at the dump. Every day, they searched the mountains of garbage for anything they could sell to earn a small profit.

Eventually, Daisy met her second husband. He helped her raise her children and provided an extra income to support them. Finally, things were beginning to look up for Daisy and her family.

Then, another heartbreak — Daisy’s second husband suddenly died from food poisoning. Again, Daisy was left to cope with her grief while she and her mother attempted to make ends meet. Their family had grown even more since Daisy remarried, and now she had six children to feed.

Daisy had already endured so much loss — but then tragedy struck once more. While working at the dump one day, Daisy’s oldest son Kevin was fatally hit by a truck. Even as they mourned Kevin, she and her children had no other choice but to keep working, knowing that any of them could be next.

Sponsoring a child will help mothers and children alike
Working at the dump is a dangerous job, but many families have no other choice

All seemed lost. But she held out hope, believing God would provide for her family. Then, something amazing happened. Daisy’s children entered our sponsorship program, and generous sponsors stepped in to help provide them with food, medical care, and the opportunity to attend school.

Now, Daisy doesn’t have to worry about her children getting hurt at the dump — whether from eating spoiled food or encountering dangerous equipment. Instead, she can rest assured knowing they are getting an education … the first step to a bright and promising future. One day, she knows they will break the cycle of poverty.

Plus, they hear about how much God loves them every day.

Sponsoring a child will help mothers and children alike
Child sponsorship has given renewed hope to children and families like Daisy’s

Through all the tragedy, heartbreak, and grief, Daisy is incredibly grateful to God for bringing her family through those difficult times. She’s also thankful to the sponsors who have given her children the opportunity for a better life.

This Mother’s Day, you can also help a mother struggling to provide for her children. When you sponsor a child, you give them the tools they need to pursue a promising future. To every mom who wants the best for her children, this gift is priceless.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to children and mothers alike.

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