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One of the most concerning things I learned while visiting Nepal


Before I traveled to Nepal earlier this month, I knew families there were struggling to survive. I knew that skyrocketing prices meant families living on just a few dollars per day have very little to eat.

But I had no idea how bad the situation truly was until I met Anila.

Anila and her husband run a small children’s home in Nepal. They have 14 young mouths to feed, and lately it’s become harder and harder to put food on the table for all of them. That’s why Anila and other people around the world need your help.

Watch this video to hear Anila tell her story:

Anila and the children, like so many people in Nepal, eat rice with almost every meal. But over the past few years, the price of rice has doubled.

It was challenging when the cost of rice began rising 40-50%, Anila said, but they were still able to manage. When they started seeing those prices becoming 80-90% higher than what they used to be, though, Anila and her husband started wondering how they were going to keep feeding the children.

“Running a children’s home is my dream,” Anila said.

She remembers growing up in poverty herself and how much of a difference it made when other people offered to help her. She’s always wanted to run a safe space where other boys and girls can live, receive nutritious food, and get an education. And for a long time, she’s been able to do that … but it’s getting harder every day.

As prices continue to skyrocket, people like Anila are struggling to make ends meet — but you can help!

Anila’s is just one example of people who are struggling more than ever as the price of food, fuel, and other essentials continues to climb. That’s why your gift today is so important.

And right now, all donations to help where needed most will be DOUBLED thanks to a $25,000 matching gift!

Normally, every $12 you give provides essentials like food, clothing, clean water, God’s Word, and more to someone like Anila. But with this matching gift, you can help 2x as many starving families and other people in need!

I know these rising prices are affecting you too, so I want to thank you in advance for any amount you are able to give to help those who are struggling to survive right now.

Your generosity will be a tremendous testimony of God’s love and will make an eternal impact.


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