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One woman plus three cows equal answered prayers

Nov 21, 2016

One day at a time, one step at a time — this is how LaVerna Nixon describes the journey God has taken her on throughout the course of her life … a journey of faith that has led her to places she never dreamed it would.

LaVerna’s partnership with World Help first began when she felt led to become a child sponsor. Although she never had kids of her own, LaVerna always had a special place in her heart for children. And in 2005, she decided to pour that love into the lives of children in need across the globe.

More than a decade later, LaVerna’s desire to bring hope to impoverished children has only continued to grow. In July 2016, she learned about an opportunity to help hundreds of children at the Star School in Rwanda in a way she never expected — through the gift of a dairy cow.

It was certainly a need she hadn’t anticipated, but when LaVerna learned how greatly one cow can impact the lives of hundreds of children, she knew God was calling her to act. But not just by providing one cow … by providing three.

“I learned they would provide nourishing milk for the children, and that the school could also sell some if there was any excess … I knew God wanted me to meet this need,” she explained.

LaVerna had the opportunity to witness the impact of her generosity by traveling to Rwanda later that month. She learned that her gift not only changed the lives of the children who now have nourishment they need, but also the lives of those who raised and sold the livestock.

“I met the women who run the co-op — some are genocide survivors,” LaVerna said. “I saw what the hard work is doing to their bodies, and the worn out boots they work in. I saw how they live and cook and just get by. And I also saw the smiles when we arrived and when they went on to tell us we were an answer to prayer. Their gratitude steals your heart.”

During her trip, LaVerna witnessed the process of restoration that is still taking place following the genocide of 1994 — a process that she has now become personally invested in.

“The genocide tore the country and its people apart. But the forgiveness that has healed its perpetrators and survivors displays the power of God. To see evidence of the work of World Help in Rwanda — through both its partners and donors — simply encourages me to continue my support. I share this story with everyone I can.”

LaVerna never could have guessed how providing livestock to an impoverished community would impact so many lives — including her own.

“Purchasing an animal is an answer to prayer,” she explained. “It allows communities to continue to take care of their families. It is a small and simple thing to us, but I was privileged to see the actual impact it has in the lives of many.”

You have the same opportunity this Christmas to provide a life-changing gift to someone in need. Will you choose to make a difference during this season of giving?


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