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ONLY 48 Hours to Reach Haditha, We Need Your Help

Vernon Brewer
Jul 12, 2015

I’m turning to you for help during our brothers’ and sisters’ darkest hour.

The people of Haditha, an Iraqi city located deep in ISIS-controlled territory, are in crisis. Their town is one of the last remaining strongholds against ISIS in the area, but has recently fallen under siege.

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The city is on the brink of humanitarian collapse, getting worse each day as ISIS closes in, blocking off supply routes. The lives of literally thousands are at risk . . . but not all hope is lost.

I just received incredible news yesterday from one of our Iraqi partners: Through the help of regional authorities, we have secured a C-130 cargo plane capable of hauling 15 tons of emergency food and supplies.

But we need your help to make this life-saving opportunity a reality.

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Haditha has taken in thousands of refugees from Fallujah and surrounding cities, already putting an incredible strain on food, water, and medical care. And now, ISIS is threatening to cut off all outside aid.

In less than 72 hours, we intend to cross ISIS positions to airdrop critical supplies like flour, rice, baby formula, and medicine to Haditha’s overflowing hospital. These supplies will bring relief to 20,000 people . . . but they desperately need our help. The cost to fly, fuel, pack, and distribute these items is $15,000.

This is a God-given opportunity for us to impact thousands of lives.

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With God’s help and your support, I believe we can raise $15,000 in the next 48 hours to spare thousands in Haditha from unthinkable loss.

These families are praying for a miracle . . . and I have no doubt God can use us to answer their prayer.

I’m asking you to pray for the people of Haditha and partner with World Help, giving as generously as you can to reach this desperate community before the door of opportunity closes.

Let’s accomplish something today that will outlive us and last for eternity.



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