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Pascal’s mission: Putting love in action

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 08, 2021

Christ came to earth not just to tell us how much He loves us … but also to show us how much He cares through His selfless, radical action on the cross.

This Valentine’s Day, one Ugandan man is on a mission to show that same love in a tangible way to people who need it most … and he invites you to join him.

When you make a gift to help where needed most by Feb. 14, your donation will DOUBLE up to $100,000 thanks to a matching gift. You’ll show God’s love to 2X as many people by providing essentials like food, clean water, medical care, Bibles, and more!

Pascal has always battled against poverty. When he was a little boy, his father left, and his mother couldn’t provide for her five children by herself. She was forced to split them up and send them to live with other people. During that time, Pascal lived with a witch doctor.

But by the grace of God, Pascal’s mother received Christ a few years later and learned of a Christian children’s home run by World Help’s partners.

The years since have been a winding road for Pascal. But because of generous donors, he was able to receive a good education. Eventually, he even went to college and graduated with a degree in Biblical studies.

Today, Pascal works with a Christian organization and World Help partner in Kampala, Uganda. He not only preaches the Good News, but he also works to help meet people’s physical needs.

And the needs have been especially great over the past year. Pascal has witnessed how the coronavirus pandemic has drained families of their resources and their hope.

Pascal wants to help … but he needs your help to do it.

“The impact of COVID has been a lot in our community,” Pascal said. “Food is one of the greatest needs.”

Almost an entire year after the start of the pandemic, most of Pascal’s neighbors are still out of work. Many have accumulated crushing debts just trying to survive.

“No matter how much they want to work, they can’t work,” Pascal said. “I saw people losing their jobs. I saw people becoming unemployed. And I saw people who have no access to food.”

In Pascal’s community, there aren’t many farmers, so food is usually brought in from around the country. But the pandemic shut down transportation. That’s when food became scarce and prices skyrocketed.

Families have been forced to sell her household items like cookware and mattresses just to get enough money to feed their children for a few days.

Pascal has seen families struggle to survive, but he can only do so much. That’s why he’s asking for your help!

“People are in desperate need,” Pascal said. “And unless someone thinks of them, they will never receive the help. But don’t stop at thinking, take the action of helping people. The help that you give … you don’t know the light it will give to the people.”

The best part of all is that as Pascal and other World Help partners in Uganda and around the world distribute the physical help that you provide, they also have the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Right now, people are looking for hope. They’re looking for something they can put their trust in. And, you can help point them toward the truth that what they are missing is Christ!

Plus, your gift will DOUBLE.

From now until Feb. 14, every dollar you give will be matched up to $100,000 — providing essentials like food, clean water, medical care, and more to twice as many people.

Your gift will also help plant churches, provide Bibles, and meet needs in so many other ways.

You’ll be helping people like Pascal who want to take care of their families and their communities. And you’ll be showing people there’s a God who loves them.

Pascal puts it best:

“You may never know how your giving — no matter how little it may seem to you — is received with a very big heart. It could be the only thing that’s saving a life.”

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