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Peru: ‘We are still in an emergency state’

Sam Campbell
Sep 22, 2020

Under the leafy canopy of the Amazon rainforest, the people of Peru are still battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Many families have no way to protect themselves. They have no access to proper hygiene. No adequately equipped medical clinics. And those who aren’t working because of the pandemic can’t afford food … which means their children are slowly starving to death.

“The fight right now is not in the city but in the villages and tribes along the Amazon River,” one of our Peru partners said. “We are still in an emergency state.”

Today, you can provide $990 worth of emergency aid for just $30. Your gift will help ship lifesaving supplies like food, clean water, medical equipment, and more to Peru and other impoverished places around the world.

You can take action like Julio. He’s a pastor in the small village of Nina Rumi, where hundreds of families are desperate for food and other necessities.

Pastor Julio joined our partners on the ground in Peru to help distribute food. Together, they filled plastic bags with rice, beans, and other staples and went door to door offering them to families who had almost nothing to eat.

You should’ve seen the look on their faces. Children raced outside as Pastor Julio and the team approached with the white bags. Grandmothers rocked in nearby chairs, smiling their wrinkly smiles. And tired mothers clung to newborn babies as their eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

Many people received help and hope that day … but there are others who are still waiting to be rescued. They’re waiting on you.

Out-of-work families need food and clean water. Sick refugees need medicine. Hospitals need medical equipment. And so much more.

One of the hospitals in Peru has already seen 1,000 people die from the coronavirus, and those numbers continue to climb. As many as 40 people are dying each day! Families are crying in the waiting rooms, begging for someone to help save their loved ones.

But many hospitals don’t have the medical equipment to treat them. So, people continue to die.

And it’s not just happening in Peru. Hospitals in developing countries around the world are overrun with patients and don’t have enough resources to keep up with the demand. Many doctors and nurses feel helpless as they watch their patients suffering in front of them.

These communities were struggling long before the pandemic, but the virus has made conditions even worse. Now, they have nowhere to turn — not even the hospital has the supplies to help them.

That’s why they desperately need your gift.

For $30, you will ship an incredible $990 worth of critical aid like medical equipment, nutritious food, clean water, and more around the world. That means your gift multiplies 33X!

Our distribution center is full of these items … but they can’t be shipped without your support.

Right now, a little girl suffering inside a Peruvian hospital is counting on you. Or perhaps a single mother in Uganda who has lost her job and can’t afford to feed her children.

Please give today to help rescue someone in desperate need. Your gift could literally be the difference between life and death.

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