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Place an entire Bible in their hands

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 17, 2019

It took me 15 minutes to hand copy the passage. I got halfway through Romans 8 before my hand cramped so much that I couldn’t continue.

Honestly, I don’t write out Scripture passages too often — maybe a memory verse on a notecard in my bathroom or in my car. But I rarely copy them down because a Bible is always within my grasp, even if it’s an app on my phone.

This was a test, however, to see how quickly I could write out my favorite chapter in the Bible … but I didn’t even get to the part I love most before my handwriting was no longer legible.

Now, imagine if these jotted down passages on scraps of paper were the only “Bible” you had.

In North Korea, owning a Bible is rare, and it’s also illegal. But that doesn’t stop believers from constantly requesting copies of God’s Word. In fact, the demand is so high, our partners’ supply continuously runs low.

Secret Christians meet in underground churches to pray, worship, and study the Bible. And while they are gathered, they pass around the only Bible the church owns to copy passages from it.

Living in a country where it’s deadly to even be suspected of following Christ, believers carefully write down the Scriptures in snippets and pray that these small pieces of paper don’t get lost. They never get to read God’s Word from cover to cover or feel the weight of a whole Bible in their hands.

But you can change that for your brothers and sisters in North Korea.

All it takes is $10 to help smuggle one Bible into this oppressive nation. And right now, thanks to a matching gift, your donation will be matched up to $20,000! That means your $10 will provide not just one, but TWO Bibles. 

Imagine a believer or seeker receiving a new, whole Bible instead of relying on torn, ragged, and faded loose pages of copied verses — ones that are hard to read and in no particular order.

Finally, they can read verses in context. They can read anytime during the day or night. And they don’t have to get hand cramps transcribing lengthy passages.

Writing out Romans 8 took a lot longer than I expected. And if I had been a secret Christian scribbling down the passage as fast as I could, I wouldn’t have even gotten to my favorite part:

Imagine a persecuted Christian never getting to read those words of ultimate peace. They need to know that their government … prison … or death can never separate them from God’s love.

Will you provide the comfort found in Scripture to a North Korean seeker or believer today? Your $10 gift will be DOUBLED to provide TWO Bibles instead of one!

And you’ll be smuggling help and hope into the darkest country on earth.


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