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‘Please help me if you can’

Sam Campbell
Mar 01, 2021

“My house is burned with all my belongings in it,” Anika said with tears in her eyes. “I have nothing.”

Anika is from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, a land that has become the battleground for a civil war between Tigray rulers and the Ethiopian government. The violence started in November and continues today, so we’ve changed Anika’s name for her protection.

The conflict in Ethiopia is just one of the many humanitarian crises around the globe making it even harder for people who are already struggling to survive the pandemic. Like Anika, they are at their wit’s end.

But you can help. When you make a donation by March 31, your gift will DOUBLE up to $135,000. That means you’ll help rescue 2X as many people around the world with food, other emergency aid, and more!

Anika never thought she’d be struggling to survive. She had a home, livestock, and hope for a bright future.

But in the blink of an eye, everything she owned went up in flames.

“My goats ran away during the fire, and I don’t know where they are,” Anika said. “I ran out during the fire and never returned.”

Life was already becoming hard in Ethiopia for Anika, even before the fire.

The violence in Tigray is worsening every day — and innocent people like Anika are caught in the crosshairs.

Mass killings … raided villages … increased rape … looted stores … food shortages. These are just some of the horrors that families are continuing to face.

In fact, thousands of people who were already living in displacement camps throughout Tigray have fled their tents and shelters in order to survive.

“Now, with the shortages of food, disruptions in the supply chain, prolonged instability, and communication shutdowns, these families face even greater challenges,” our Ethiopian partner said.

But Ethiopia isn’t the only place where people are in a fight for their lives. Around the world, children are dying from starvation because they have nothing to eat. Grandparents who are still living in frigid displacement camps are suffering without access to medicine. And disaster victims are drinking contaminated water because they have no other option.

Their struggles may be different, but their cry is the same as Anika’s:

“Please help me if you can.”

Today, you can help rescue TWICE as many people like Anika. Thanks to a generous $135,000 matching gift, every $12 you give is now enough to help provide essentials like food, clean water, warm blankets, clothing, medicine, Bibles, and more for TWO people in desperate need.

Plus, you’ll help avoid a revenue shortfall so families around the globe can continue to receive help and hope.

But in order for your gift to double, you must give before our fiscal year ends at MIDNIGHT (EDT) on March 31!

People like Anika can’t wait much longer for help to arrive. So, please give as generously as you can before the deadline.

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