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Prevent a child from freezing to death

Kelsey Campbell
Sep 26, 2018

My 2-year-old nephew doesn’t know what it means to be really cold.

Clad in a dinosaur knit hat and with socks on his little hands, he faces the winter without any concern for the brutal elements. Not only is he protected in his puffy gray coat, but he’s also never outside longer than a few of minutes at a time.

Every time my sister zips up his coat and tugs on his hat, she doesn’t have to worry about him freezing. But for refugees, that kind of peace of mind is a luxury they can’t afford.

Refugee mothers don’t have access to warm clothes, coats, blankets, or heaters for their families. That means this winter they will have to watch as their children freeze. Their thin tent “homes” will be no match for the fierce winds, so their kids will often be sick.

But your $35 gift will multiply to provide a refugee with $189 worth of essentials he needs to survive the harsh winter months ahead.

Refugee moms like Sameer have little to offer their children. It’s a daily struggle just to keep them alive.

Some refugees become so desperate to stay warm that they burn the few belongings they have. Imagine burning your own shoes just to provide your children with a couple more moments of warmth by a fire.

At first glance, it may not seem like Sameer and my sister have much in common; they lead very different lives. Sameer is a refugee living in a Middle Eastern displacement camp. But these two women are more similar than you’d think. They’re both mothers, and they’d both do anything to keep their children safe and secure.

The main difference is that Sameer knows she will have no choice but to watch her children shiver from the cold and become sick this winter. “My children need more clothes,” she explained. But she has no way to provide them with what they need.

Sameer is wracked with guilt that she can’t shield her children from the frigid temperatures she knows are coming. No child should have to do without winter essentials like blankets, coats, and warm clothing.

Sameer’s children don’t have to freeze to death … but they might unless someone chooses to help.

Your $35 gift today will provide $189 worth of lifesaving supplies like blankets, warm clothing, and heaters. You can help save the life of someone like Sameer’s children. It’s because of grants and generous corporate donations that your $35 multiplies to provide $189 worth of lifesaving supplies.

You can bring warmth and crucial supplies back into the picture for a refugee who has lost everything. Not only will you be giving a mother like Sameer peace of mind, but you’ll also be helping ensure her children survive this winter.

My nephew should never have to know how it feels to freeze to death … and neither should a refugee child.


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