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Providing urgent needs to refugees who’ve lost everything

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Apr 26, 2019

ISIS had taken everything away from Alya … her home, her ability to walk, and her ability to care for her children.

We’ve changed Alya’s name because, like countless refugees, she lives in danger every day.

When she was still living in Mosul, Iraq, Alya was caught in the middle of ISIS crossfire. She was shot and paralyzed from the waist down. After her injury, Alya wondered how she’d ever be able to take care of her family.

Her eyes fill with tears whenever she remembers that horrible day. “The shot changed me from a normal woman to a paralyzed woman,” she said.

Now Alya, her husband, and her two children live in a refugee camp where they’ve struggled to survive since their displacement. Her husband tries to find daily manual work whenever he can, but it’s never enough money to meet his family’s needs.

Alya felt helpless. She couldn’t properly care for her young children from her wheelchair, and she couldn’t go out and try to find work, either. As a wife, she felt useless. As a mother, she felt like a failure. And as a refugee, she felt as if the entire world had forgotten about her.

But you haven’t forgotten about refugees like Alya. Through your giving, you’ve helped provide daily necessities every refugee family needs to survive.

When Alya began to lose hope because of her circumstances, you provided essentials like food, diapers for her children, and more … right when she needed them most.

Because of your giving, Alya has hope for the future — a hope she never thought she could have. And she knows it is all because of you and because of God’s love.

“You are providing support for disabled people and refugees in need that many others are not,” she said. “You show that you love me. God bless you for your faithful service to our Lord.”

Your decision to act means refugees like Alya are being rescued from hopeless situations. Thank you for meeting their physical needs as well as pointing them to the love of Jesus.

You can help rescue another refugee today. Click the button below to help provide emergency supplies like food, clean water, clothing, hygiene kits, and medical care to someone fighting to stay alive.


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