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Rana found peace during the pandemic — and helped her friends find it, too!

Vernon Brewer
May 26, 2023

Are you familiar with our Bibles for All Ambassadors?

They provide copies of God’s Word around the globe to people who can’t easily access the Bible — including countries like Iran.

Open Doors ranks Iran as one of the most dangerous places in the world to follow Christ. But despite the risk of persecution, Christians like Rana refuse to keep their faith a secret.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador to help Christians worldwide
Christians who live in Bible deserts struggle to get copies of God’s Word

Rana, whose name I changed to protect her privacy, was ridiculed for her faith for years. But she didn’t let that discourage her. Rana continued to share the Gospel with her friends and colleagues.

Each time she brought it up, they told Rana she was crazy or wasting her time. Then, everything changed when the pandemic started in 2020.

The early days of COVID-19 were filled with fear and uncertainty, but Christ-followers found peace by taking refuge in God’s promises … and Rana’s friends quickly noticed that her attitude differed from the rest of the world’s.

They were terrified and couldn’t understand how Rana seemed so calm. How could she find joy even as their loved ones were dying?

One day, Rana’s friends approached her and asked what her secret was.

“We’re really afraid,” they told her. “Why are you so at peace with this virus? Can you please tell us what would happen if we died tomorrow from COVID?”

This time, when Rana shared the Gospel, she was not ridiculed. As they listened to Rana, the Holy Spirit moved in their hearts.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador to help Christians worldwide
Christians need Bibles to encourage each other and spread the Gospel

The people who once mocked Christ-followers now yearned for answers about God … and for a Bible to read so they could learn for themselves.

Thankfully, our Bibles for All Ambassadors provided Rana with a Bible for her and her friends!

Rana and her friends began to study God’s Word together. And as they grew in their faith, they found hope for the future through Jesus Christ … they began to experience an inexplicable peace, just like Rana had.

But there are still countless others like Rana in Iran and beyond waiting for access to the Gospel.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador to help Christians worldwide
Christians around the world are asking for more Bibles than ever before

If you’re already a Bibles for All Ambassador, thank you for the eternal impact you’re making in the lives of people like Rana.

If you aren’t, I urge you to consider joining this special group of world changers. For just $30 a month, you’ll send three copies of Scripture to people living in the most spiritually dark places on earth every month.

Plus, Bibles are often shared among groups like Rana and her friends. This means your giving can impact five people!

Sign up to become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and begin helping Christ-followers and seekers grow in their relationships with Jesus.


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