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Read baby Jesula’s heartbreaking story

Vernon Brewer
Aug 26, 2019

Baby Jesula might still be alive today if a clinic in Haiti had been furnished with the equipment it needed.

Jesula’s parents and three brothers had looked forward to her arrival for months. They were so excited to finally have another baby in the house. But when Jesula’s mom arrived at the hospital, there were complications.

By the time Jesula was born, she was completely blue. She wasn’t breathing, and her heart had stopped until CPR eventually revived her. Her recovery was short-lived, though. She needed a ventilator and other equipment the rural Haitian clinic didn’t have and couldn’t afford.

The nurses took turns manually pumping air into Jesula’s lungs for hours. Then, after two long days, Jesula finally gave up the fight.

“She still was not breathing on her own, and we do not have the capability to incubate,” our Haitian partner said. “Perhaps if we did, baby Jesula could have been saved.”

The doctors and nurses did everything within their power. But they were ill-equipped.

Incubators and ventilators are staples in any newborn ward. And did you know, thanks to generous corporate donations and grants, our warehouse has been supplied with both of these lifesaving machines? But without the money to ship them, they can’t be delivered to the people who desperately need them … people like Jesula.

That’s where YOU come in. And your gift multiplies 33X!

Every $1 you give will ship $33 worth of donated medical equipment, emergency food, and more. That means a gift just $30 will send $990 worth of lifesaving aid!

Your gift will help get these vital supplies out of our warehouse and into the hands of the people who need them most — doctors in Haiti, starving families in Guatemala, and disaster victims who have lost everything.

Baby Jesula’s name meant “Jesus is here.” Will you honor her life today by showing another person the love of Jesus with your gift of emergency supplies? The aid you send can help prevent more families from losing a child. 

We have medical equipment, food, blankets, shoes, clothing, and more in our warehouse right now. Help ensure they arrive in a community that needs them!


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