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Refugee children in Uganda are starving

Vernon Brewer
Sep 25, 2017

I knew my trip to serve South Sudanese refugees would be different from my other trips to refugee camps around the world.

Still, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

Hollow eyes. Large, protruding bellies. Children on the brink of complete starvation. 

To make matters worse, many of these children have been orphaned by tribal warfare. After watching as their parents were slaughtered, these vulnerable boys and girls arrived at refugee camps in Northern Uganda hoping to receive the help they needed. Instead, they continue to suffer — through starvation.

There simply isn’t enough food in the camps to feed the children.

But your gift of $35 will provide emergency food for one starving child. You also will provide essentials such as clean water, blankets, and hygiene items. From halfway across the world, you can help right now!

It’s difficult to remember the faces of the children I saw in the refugee camps without tears coming to my eyes. Their arms and legs are so skinny. Their joints are like large knobs, and their tiny bellies are engorged and round from malnutrition.

They move more slowly than other boys and girls. They don’t have the energy to play, laugh, or explore like normal, healthy children.

I could tell by looking into their eyes that they have lost hope. They are haunted. They have seen things I never wish to see. Some watched as their parents were murdered right in front of them. Others watched as their homes were burned to the ground.

As I walked through the camp, I was shocked at the physical suffering. These precious, innocent children are literally dying of hunger because of evil and violence outside of their control.

But you can help. Your $35 will give children the nutritious meals they need to survive.

Your gift today can make all the difference in the world.

Upon arriving at camp, refugees receive a small bag of flour once a month — not nearly enough for them to survive.

Can you imagine handing a child nothing but a little sack of flour and hoping it will be enough to keep him from starving to death?

As Christians, it is our responsibility to take care of widows and orphans — Jesus commanded it. Will we stand by while innocent children starve to death?

All it takes is $35 to help a boy or girl in need. You can be the difference between life and death for one child. Additionally, you also will provide other life-changing help for people in need around the world.

Please don’t forget these refugees. You have a unique opportunity — right now — to feed starving children and to spread the light of God’s love in one of the darkest places on earth.

The news media often ignores their suffering and much of the world has forgotten their struggle. Will Christians turn a blind eye, as well?

We need to pray earnestly for children who are suffering and dying without food. But we also need to act.

Can I count on you today to feed one starving child?


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