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Refugee Crisis Escalates in Syria

Vernon Brewer
Jun 07, 2012

Last night, 78 more Syrian civilians were mercilessly slaughtered in a small farming town in the province of Hama. The victims were mostly women and children—innocent and completely defenseless—marking yet another astonishing tragedy in this unfolding crisis.

Children without parents, elderly citizens on the verge of collapse, and multitudes of desperate Syrian civilians are caught in the middle of a war zone. No one has been exempt from the onslaught—even little children have been murdered violently in their own homes. Refugees continue to flood out of Syria by the thousands trying to escape the nightmare of a place that was once their home.

The conflicts of the past 15 months have led to what is now being predicted by world leaders to be an imminent civil war. Brutality and violence are sweeping through otherwise peaceful towns and show no sign of slowing. Syrian refugees are hopeless, without options.

This is why we must act now.

In the past year since the uprisings began, Jordan has absorbed more than 110,000 Syrian refugees and Lebanon has taken in 26,000. This massive influx has created tension and drained resources of neighboring border towns leaving thousands struggling for survival.

I can’t even begin to imagine the unbearable loss—watching friends and family members die merciless deaths, hearing the agonizing screams of women and children being butchered, and realizing that all that is dear to me has been taken in an instant. Entire livelihoods have been destroyed. Homes and businesses burned to the ground from the shelling, and people left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

World Help is committed to providing life-saving supplies to these refugees as they face what is quickly becoming a national crisis. We have exhausted all our resources to distribute food, medical supplies, hygiene items, and blankets to our humanitarian aid network in the affected region and into the hands of Syrians in need.

More supplies are desperately needed! We must continue to respond with urgency as thousands of lives hang in the balance.

There is no time to waste. When children are being killed in front of their parents, there’s not a moment to consider the reasons behind their suffering—we must respond quickly, compassionately . . . and unconditionally.

I need your help immediately. We must work together to give these Syrian refugees the provisions that will literally be the difference between life and death for so many.

Your gift of any amount, given today, can make a tremendous difference! Please consider what’s at stake: the precious lives of innocent men, women, and children. Your generosity will be their help—your prayers will be their hope.

Join me now. Give today.


Our Response:

World Help is strategically positioned to distribute life-saving supplies for both internally displaced Syrians as well as the desperate influx of refugees to Jordan. Aid will include food, medical supplies, hygiene items, blankets, and much more.

These provisions will literally be the difference between life and death for thousands of people fleeing for their lives and for orphans desperately trying just to survive.

How You Can Help:

We can’t delay any longer. Please give today so we can get this urgent aid on the ground and into the hands of the Syrian people.

No matter what the situation is politically, these people are our neighbors . . . our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world . . . and we can’t let them down. We can choose to be indifferent, or we can choose to be the difference.

Please continue to pray for the Syrian people and for World Help as we seek to provide help for today    . . . and hope for tomorrow.


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