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Refugees face extreme winter temperatures

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 29, 2018

Stomachs constrict with hunger. Limbs ache from the cold. Illness runs rampant in the overcrowded refugee camps.

Refugees endure brutal conditions — especially during the winter months.

After fleeing from civil war or violent radical groups such as ISIS, many refugees have been forced to burn their furniture, books, and even shoes just to keep warm or to cook whatever food they could find.

Can you imagine having to burn your belongings to survive?

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Even in the Middle East, temperatures often dip well below freezing. In fact, refugees along the Syrian border recently experienced one of the worst winter storms the Middle East has seen in years. The storm dumped a foot of snow on the thin tents in many refugee camps. As the snow melted, icy water leaked inside and thick mud clogged the roads.

Displaced people outside of the refugee camps fared even worse. The bodies of at least nine Syrian refugees were found frozen in the mountains. Many people suffered from frostbite.

In countries such as Greece, where countless families are living in limbo as they wait for official asylum, the situation is much the same. Temperatures can even drop into the single digits. And the only barrier between many refugees and the freezing air is a thin tarp used as a tent.

The persistent winter rain and snow often forces refugees to sleep in wet, cold clothes and blankets. As a result, respiratory illnesses commonly attack the lungs of children and the elderly. The constant smoke from burning belongings makes breathing even more challenging.

But they have nowhere else to go. Their cities have been demolished due to the violence. They have no choice but to stay in life-threatening situations.

Without proper supplies, many refugees won’t survive the severe winter weather.

The problem may seem overwhelming, but you can help save the life of one refugee today — for just $35. With such deplorable living conditions, refugees need help now more than ever.

Your $35 gift provides $189 worth of lifesaving winter supplies for a refugee.

You’ll help provide the essentials a refugee needs to survive: food, clean water, warm clothing, blankets, medical care, and more. Not only will you be sending emergency supplies, but you’ll also be opening the door for them to hear the Gospel. That’s because your gift also will provide trauma counseling as well as access to a copy of the Scriptures.

Your gift can help them survive to see another day. Most importantly, it can shine the light of Christ into an extremely dark and cold situation.

You can change the life of a refugee today and make an eternal difference forever.


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