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Refugees suffer another deadly blow

Jan 16, 2017

An unexpected winter storm hit northern Syria and much of the Middle East in late December, covering the decimated city of Aleppo in snow — a death sentence for thousands of homeless refugees.

This weather event is devastating for displaced families throughout the Middle East who have to face yet another brutal winter without proper protection.

At present, thousands are bracing for another agonizing three months in which survival is far from certain. But you can protect one refugee from the cold today for just $35.

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Children are the most vulnerable to the plummeting temperatures, which puts them at high risk of developing upper respiratory infections and pneumonia with little to no medical care available.

But you can change that for one child today.

Just $35 provides warm clothing, bedding, a heater, and more. You will not only bring comfort during the most excruciating months of the year, but you could literally save a life.

“I hope the situation gets better here. I hope that my house gets rebuilt, [and] that I can return to work and that we can all return safely to our area,” said Najeeb, a refugee from Aleppo.

Even at the onset of another ruthless winter, the dream of returning home is still very much alive. Your generosity today can help ignite the hope of one refugee after years of displacement, unresolved grief, sickness, and hunger.

You can give peace and protection from the cold today before it’s too late — just $35 provides $189 worth of lifesaving supplies.


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