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Remembering the Rwandan Genocide 30 Years Later


Today marks 30 years since the Rwandan genocide began — almost four months of terror for countless Tutsi men, women, and children. But for many families, it still feels like yesterday.

Rwanda has come a long way since then, but underneath the atmosphere of peace and familiarity of everyday life, a deep and painful wound is still trying to heal.

Over 800,000 people perished during the genocide. Entire families and communities were wiped out. Children lost their parents and were left with severe trauma.

You can provide help and hope to Rwandans or others in need worldwide
95,000 children were left orphaned by the Rwandan genocide

And even after those horrific months, countless orphaned Tutsi children endured discrimination instead of receiving the love, care, and acceptance they desperately needed.

When World Help began working in Rwanda shortly after the genocide ended, we partnered with local churches and ministries to care for thousands of parentless children left without homes and families — children like Justin.

Justin’s parents were murdered during the 100-day genocide. He was just 4 years old.

He was homeless for most of his childhood, seeking shelter on doorsteps and constantly being moved around the foster care system. He was regularly mistreated and neglected just because he was Tutsi.

But one day, Justin was connected with Homes of Hope — facilities World Help assisted in building with the local church to give orphaned children like Justin a place to call home.

There, Justin received care and learned about the healing love of God. After years of pain and neglect, he found hope, acceptance, and a purpose through Jesus Christ.

You can provide help and hope to Rwandans or others in need worldwide
Your support will help Rwandans or other people in critical need around the world

Stories like Justin’s show how Rwanda is slowly healing. But countless Rwandans still desperately need help and hope — even 30 years later.

Despite Rwanda’s economic growth since the 1990s, the price of essentials is skyrocketing, and unemployment is widespread. Almost half of Rwandans are living below the poverty line.

Plus, countless men, women, and children still harbor deep physical and emotional scars — pain only the love of Christ can heal.

The good news is, you can give Rwandans and others in need around the world help for today and hope for tomorrow. You can demonstrate God’s love in their darkest hours.

When you give to help someone in need, you’ll provide them with much-needed physical and spiritual relief through essentials like food, water, clothing, God’s Word, and more. Your gift will be a lifeline for people in need.  

Today, as we observe the anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, we can show people struggling to survive that they aren’t alone. We can give them hope for healing and a brighter future.

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