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Bible Distribution project report | 2017

Published: November 17, 2017

Project Report

North Korea and Iraq North Korea and Iraq

Thank you for providing the greatest gift: a Bible. With so much turmoil and hardship in our world, access to Scripture is essential because it provides peace and hope to those living in difficult circumstances.

Your selfless giving means a believer or seeker in a remote area of the world now can read the Bible for himself … perhaps for the very first time. Your gift has truly made an eternal impact!

North Korea: A powerful gift for Min

Kim and Min — whose names we’ve changed for safety — were living in two different countries: Kim in China and Min in North Korea. While her sister was visiting her in North Korea, Min discovered her sister’s concealed Bible.

Min begged for a copy of her own. And on her next visit to North Korea, Kim smuggled in a Bible for Min — the first of many she’d bring into the country.

“I have no other wish in my life because I have prayed for a Bible for so long,” Min said. She memorized countless Scriptures and passed them on to other believers. Eventually, she became a church leader to a congregation of 14 and helped train 26 church leaders.

Without Kim’s bravery to smuggle a Bible to her sister, many North Koreans would have never heard about the love of Christ. That’s the power of your gift! Just one Bible sent to a persecuted believer can result in so many lives changed. Thank you for making an incredible difference through your generosity.

Iraq: Nadia’s answer to prayer

“How did you know that I left my Bible at home when [ISIS] came?” a refugee woman asked as she kissed the cover of her new copy of the Scriptures.

This woman, whom we’ll call Nadia to protect her identity, was one of many Iraqis forced to flee Mosul when violence broke out. She had to leave everything behind … including her treasured Bible. She worried she would never receive another copy.

But thanks to a compassionate donor, Nadia now has the comfort of God’s Word. Refugees like her lost everything. But with access to the Word of God, they’ve gained the greatest treasure.

Give another believer a Bible

The Word of God is a light in the darkest places. But so many people in our world still don’t have access to it. That’s why your gifts are so vital! All it takes is $5 to put a Bible into the hands of a fellow Christian or someone seeking the truth of the Gospel.

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