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Children’s Programs in Guatemala – Christmas 2014

Christmas Update 2014

Published: April 14, 2015

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Children's Program Update

Hope of Life, Guatemala Guatemala

Through your contribution to our 2014 Child Sponsorship Christmas Program, the boys and girls in various villages throughout Guatemala experienced a Christmas celebration they’ll never forget. It was a day full of surprises—gifts, games, delicious food, and lots of laughter. Thank you for providing these precious children with a special day that filled their hearts with joy!

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Additional Reading
    • The Secret to Seeing Beyond Yourself
    • Brianna climbed into the dirt-covered suburban carrying only a child-sized backpack in her hands. As the driver began to pull away, she gazed out the window at the Guatemalan landscape in wonder and unbelief.

    • Child Sponsorship | Part of the Family
    • Flipping through the pages of the black photo album with colorful pages full of pictures, there was one in particular that stood out. In the midst of numerous family photos from tropical vacations was one of a sweet young boy with a half-smile and big brown eyes.

    • The Impact of Sponsorship on Pradeep's Life
    • This week, someone asked me to describe one thing that inspires me. I had a few moments to think about the question before answering, and my immediate thought was sponsored children around the world and their sponsors.

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