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Church Planting project report | 2016

Published: December 8, 2016

Project Update

Nepal, China, Cuba

Thanks to your generous giving, a national pastor now has the training and resources necessary to plant a church in an unreached community.

Your vital investment in his ministry means that people will hear about Jesus for the first time and they, in turn, can share the Good News with others. Your gift will continue to make an impact for years to come and has the potential to transform an entire village with the Gospel!


Ever since the massive earthquake of April 2015, the Nepali people have been seeking hope in something that can never be destroyed. Many have found that hope in Jesus Christ.

While church leaders rejoice at seeing so many come to salvation, they know these new believers still need much direction. A local pastor in the Sindhupalchok district teaches a baptism class for new Christians to make sure they understand their new faith:

We explain to them the importance of baptism and who is to be baptized. We don’t simply baptize them because they want it, but we make them know the meaning of baptism. When they are committed and [have] decided not to leave Christ again, then we give them baptism.

This pastor and other ministers in the area also are working to teach their congregations about the power of prayer. During the past few months, they have seen prayers answered for physical healing, church growth, and funds needed to complete a new church building — funds that you provided.

Thank you for equipping these pastors to carry out the Great Commission by baptizing new believers and teaching them as Jesus taught His disciples.


Church planters in China face the threat of arrest daily … but they willingly risk everything because they know how much their nation needs to hear about Jesus. Despite strict government regulation, Christianity has become the fastest-growing religion in the country.

Your gifts are helping plant churches in some of the most unreached areas of China. Because of you, a family in a rural village now has the opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time.


Spiritual revival in Cuba has been building over the years, and this year the government gave permission to import up to 1 million Bibles. While Cuba has seen great strides in its openness to the Gospel, the work is not yet finished and many have still not heard the name of Jesus.

A local church planter, Pastor Rodríguez,* said his church had to meet in an avocado grove until a woman in a neighboring town opened her home to them. While this new location allowed them to meet even during rainy weather, the taxi ride each Sunday quickly became a financial burden for the pastor. He had to consider preaching only occasionally or leaving his wife and son at home to save money.

Because of your support, Pastor Rodríguez now ministers to his church every Sunday and worships with his family. He serves both in his hometown and this second village, doubling the impact of his ministry!

*Name changed for security


Thank you again for your commitment to sharing the Gospel around the world until every man, woman, and child has heard the name of Jesus.

You are playing an integral part in advancing the kingdom of God and transforming lives for eternity.

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