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Church Planting project report | 2017

Published: November 13, 2017

Project Report

Nepal, Cuba, and China Nepal, Cuba, and China

Thank you for helping plant churches all over the world. Because of you, people in many spiritually dark places now have access to the light of God’s Word.

Without your gifts, communities in places such as Nepal, Cuba, Guatemala, India, and China would have never heard the name of Jesus. Your generosity is introducing people to the transformative power of the Gospel each day!

Puja’s discovery: Nepal

Puja prayed to her Hindu gods and goddesses every day. And when her two children became ill, she prayed even more fervently. But her prayers went unanswered.

Puja went in search of a God who would bring true peace and healing … and she found Him when she visited a local church. The church members shared the Gospel with Puja and her family, and they prayed for her children. Not only were Puja’s children physically healed, but her family also was spiritually redeemed through faith in Jesus Christ.

Without your generosity, a local church would not have been ready and waiting to minister to Puja and her family. She would still be in search of the peace, healing, and the love of Jesus.

Louisa’s determination: Cuba

Louisa has risked much for her faith. So much so that we’ve changed her name to keep her safe. But when she heard about Jesus at a local church gathering, she knew He was worth the sacrifice.

Eager to spread the Gospel, Louisa offered her home as a meeting place for the church so more people could attend. Soon, more than 50 people were coming to her house to worship … until a neighbor reported her and the authorities shut down the church.

Undeterred, Louisa’s church family now rents a bus every Sunday and drives two hours into the countryside to gather freely in Jesus’ name.

A church in the woods: China

Persecution is only making Christianity stronger in China, too. One congregation in China calls themselves “the wilderness church” because they are forced to meet in the woods in the middle of the night to pray together. From dusk until dawn, they pray that God will open the eyes of the Chinese people.

Because of you, these and many other Christians in closed countries have a faith that is on fire for God.

Continue to spread the Gospel today

Christians are persecuted around the world. However, the light of God’s Word continues to spread to even the darkest places. By continuing to give, you can reassure your brothers and sisters in Christ that they are not alone. For $100, you can help a local church planter tell more people like Puja and Louisa about Jesus Christ.

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