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Church Planting Year-End Update

So far in 2015, our church planters launched 3,691 new churches in some of the hardest-to-reach areas. Families and individuals who had never heard about the love of Christ now have the opportunity to attend a church and worship God in their own village.

Published: December 7, 2015

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Project Update

Guatemala, India, Nepal, China, Turkey, and Cuba Guatemala, India, Nepal, China, Turkey, and Cuba

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of our church planters around the world. Your partnership is such an encouragement and helps give them the strength and resources they need to share the Gospel with multitudes of people . . . many hearing for the very first time.

So far in 2015, our church planters launched 3,691 new churches in some of the hardest-to-reach areas. These new churches were planted in villages throughout Guatemala, India, Nepal, China, Turkey, and Cuba. Families and individuals who had never heard about the love of Christ now have the opportunity to attend a church and worship God in their own village.


A nation of multiple religions is finding the true source of peace and faith through church plants. Our church planters are faithful to establish relationships with the people and help them learn about Jesus. Pramil was born into a Hindu family and grew up praying to numerous gods, but he knew something was missing. It wasn’t until he heard about a church near his village that he found what he was searching for.

“One day the fellowship of Jesus Christ was meeting on the other side of my village. I went there and heard about Jesus Christ, and I felt so good. I started to believe in Jesus, and I started to go the church weekly,” said Pramil.

Many people in India are coming to know the eternal hope that can only be found through Jesus. Our church planters are committed to continuing in their work to reach more people with the Gospel.


Our church planters in Nepal work diligently each week traveling to visit new believers, encouraging their congregation members, providing personal counseling, and distributing Gospel tracks among other items.

This past year, they hosted a Christmas program in their church where they shared the Good News of Christ with more than 100 people. Many came to Christ while many more began to open their hearts to learn more about the Bible and God’s love. As their ministries continue to expand each day, these church planters are praying for a church building to house services, activities, and other evangelistic programs for the church congregation.

These church planters and pastors thank you for your prayers and continued support.


Our church planters in Cuba are thriving, as they are seeing more people than ever before come to know Christ. Turning from their idols, they are coming to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These dedicated men of God are eager to see how the Lord will continue working in these communities and in the lives of the Cuban people.

One of our church planters shared a testimony of a man in their village who was recently saved. He previously worshipped idols and frequently struggled with his addiction to alcohol. One day, there was damage to his home and the roof collapsed, trapping him under the rubble. The church leaders gathered to pray and after help came to pull him out, the man fell to his knees and accepted Christ as Savior. This event changed his life forever, and now he opens his home for the church to meet there regularly.


In China, our church planters continue to face persecution on a daily basis. But amid the persecution, they are seeing more and more people come to faith in Jesus Christ! Many meet in secret to worship Christ, and our church planters provide Bible training in an effort to equip the next generation of Christ followers in China.

One church planter told us that the government found their church meeting location and demanded they cease their meetings. Unwavering in their faith, he and the congregation prayed faithfully and have now found another location to meet, refusing to stop meeting, worshiping, and learning more about God. These church planters ask for continued prayer as they serve the Lord and continue to reach more people with the Gospel.

God continues to use these courageous church planters to spread the Gospel around the world.

Thank you for your continued partnership and for investing in something that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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