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Community Development project report | 2016

Published: November 29, 2016

Project Update

Nepal, Uganda

When Christ came to earth, He didn’t just preach. He healed the sick, helped the dying, and gave to the poor. He built trust.

Because he showed compassion for people’s physical needs, they were more willing to listen when He shared the Gospel.

Your contribution toward community development did the same. Every time your gift provided a child with a cup of clean water, ensured a mother had adequate medical care, or helped build a safe home for a family, you opened doors for God’s Word to be shared.


When Bhawani Bohara’s husband died from a liver infection, she was left to provide for two boys on her own.

“It was a very hard and difficult time for me to take care of two children and provide them education like the other parents did,” she said. “I alone was not able to afford them as I don’t have any income source except a small, local shop.”

The one thing she could give them was a home. Her husband left her a small house where the family lived comfortably … at least until a landslide consumed their village. They sought shelter with relatives, but only a short time later, that house was destroyed in the earthquake of 2015.

“It made us empty-handed, having nothing and no place to live,” Bhawani said. “We were really in trouble and wondering where to take refuge.”

Your support provided funds to build her family a sturdy new home where they could rebuild their lives together. Bhawani was overwhelmed when she learned of your generosity and proclaimed it could be a gift only from God.

“I am very thankful that we are provided with such a beautiful house, which our own efforts could not make possible to build,” she said. “Now, we are living in our own house and we feel much more secure physically and spiritually.”


Immaculate, 5, was thrilled when she finally got to go to school like her older siblings. She was working hard in her classes and learning many new things … but then she got sick.

In her village in Uganda, getting sick meant much more than a day or two of missed classes. It meant making the difficult choice between buying expired medicine from the local clinic, traveling miles away to a crowded and understaffed hospital, or suffering untreated at home.

Immaculate’s parents chose the second option: traveling to the hospital. However, it took days for them to gather the money needed to transport their daughter to the hospital and pay for her treatment.

And this wasn’t just a one-time occurrence. Every time Immaculate became sick, she missed another week or two of school until her education began to suffer.

Then, you intervened. Your gifts provided a state-of-the-art medical clinic just a mile from Immaculate’s home. Now, she can be treated immediately and return to school quickly. The health of the entire village has improved with the addition of this clinic.

Thanks to you, this village is learning how to live healthier lives and have eternal life through Jesus Christ.


Thank you for allowing God to use you to continue Christ’s work on earth.

When you met the needs of individuals like Bhawani and Immaculate, you reflected His love into some of the world’s most impoverished places and transformed entire communities, one person at a time.

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