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Community Development project report | 2017

Published: November 21, 2017

Project Report

India and Uganda India and Uganda

People in many communities around the world are stuck in a cycle of poverty. Lack of clean water, proper housing, and spiritual resources makes it difficult to live a full life.

Thank you for rescuing people from this terrible cycle. When you gave, you transformed an entire community. Because of you, a new cycle has begun — a cycle of help and hope.  

A church for the village of Menda — India 

For Pastor Jitu, whose name we’ve changed for his safety, a new church building was an answer to prayer.

He was part of a devout Hindu family growing up; as a young man, he battled addictions and lost most of his money. Then one day, when his father was sick and his life was falling apart, Jitu found himself at church.

Going to church that day changed his life. After accepting Christ, Jitu began traveling to villages and starting new churches. When he came to Menda, a small group of believers quickly formed. But the building they met in was small and hard to access. After some time, the church stopped growing. Jitu and his congregation desperately prayed, asking the Lord to provide a real church building.

God heard their prayers and He answered through generous donors! Menda now has a church building that’s easily accessible and large enough for a growing congregation. Today, Pastor Jitu regularly speaks to a crowd of about 90 and they continue to see growth.

Thank you for blessing villages like Menda with the gift of community development.

Joseph’s new hope — Uganda

Joseph felt hopeless and forgotten. His father died when Joseph was young, leaving his family without a steady income. Most of his community also was very poor so no one was able to help Joseph and his family.

Joseph had no way to afford an education. It was difficult enough to buy food, much less books for school. But then his cousin told him about the Village of Hope — a safe haven where children can learn and thrive, made possible by gifts from people like you!

Today, Joseph is safe and happy at a Home of Hope in Uganda. He is studying to be an engineer and is surrounded by people who care for him. Joseph is receiving holistic help and hope, and he now believes in a future for his family. Most importantly, Joseph has the opportunity to learn about God, a Father who will never leave him.

Thank you for giving children like Joseph a chance at a future.

Give water and transform a community

You have already changed countless lives. Thank you for giving practical help to struggling communities around the world.

One way you can make an even bigger impact is by providing clean water — all it takes is $15 to provide one person with this vital resource! When there is access to clean water, an entire community’s health and quality of life improves — giving them a chance at an education and financial freedom. Give today at

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