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Humanitarian Aid project report | 2017

Published: November 22, 2017

Project Report

Guatemala Guatemala

Thank you for your commitment to change the world by providing Humanitarian Aid. Your love and compassion are transforming lives and creating brighter futures.

Without your support, many around the world would go hungry and have their basic needs unmet. But you made sure these people received the emergency aid and lifesaving supplies they needed to thrive. Because of you, they are healthier, happier, and safer.

No more hunger – Marta’s story

Marta, 13, has seen the effects of poverty on her family in Guatemala; she is working hard in school so she can one day get a job and help provide for them. But for a long time, hunger got in the way of her education.

Her single mother is unable to earn enough to feed her children, so Marta used to have to earn her own supper. After school, she didn’t study or play with friends. Instead, she went to work so she could eat. Marta’s work left her tired, which made it hard to focus in school and keep up with her classmates.

Marta was sure she’d end up without an education. Then you gave her exactly what she needed to excel!

You sent food for Marta and her family. Now, when she comes home, she eats a good meal and does her homework instead of going to work. Your gift is transforming Marta’s future, and keeping her whole family from being malnourished.

A good night’s sleep – Jorge’s story

Sleep is precious when you’re providing for young children. As a father of five, Jorge knows how important it is to get a good night’s sleep before going to work. And he knows how important it is for his growing children, as well.

But for years, Jorge was unable to provide his family with comfortable beds or even enough blankets. Since he was never able to attend school, he makes very little income, and all of it goes toward putting food on the table. Sometimes, even that is a struggle.

So when you provided Jorge’s family with warm sleeping bags, it was an answer to his prayers! 

Now, thanks to you, Jorge and his family can get the rest they need. You’ve given them the chance to sleep comfortably and soundly. Thank you for your gift!

Change another life today

You’ve already had an incredible effect on the lives of hurting people. Now, you have the chance to continue that impact. Every dollar you give will send $33 worth of lifesaving supplies to people like Marta and Jorge. That means your gift will be multiplied 33X!

Your $30 gift will provide $990 worth of aid to people in need! Please give today.

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