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Hurricane Relief Project Report

Published: November 8, 2017

Project Report

Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico

Thank you for providing emergency relief to victims of Hurricane Irma. Because of your support, families in places such as Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico received lifesaving food and other supplies.

Your generosity has given these people new hope. You have reminded them they are not alone and God is still in control, even in the middle of devastating circumstances. 

Puerto Rico

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the Puerto Rican people’s greatest need was for food. With power out across the island for weeks, stores closed, and perishable food spoiled, people were left wondering where their next meal would come from. One-third of the population lacked access to clean drinking water.

Your generous gifts really were the difference between life and death for those in need.

You helped feed more than 200 people in the village of Los Naranjos. These people gathered at the community recreation center to receive the food you had provided and to pray with local church members. Nine people even accepted Christ!

Your gifts also helped supply groceries for 10 of the most impoverished families in the community as well as ongoing support for three other families who lost everything in the hurricane. Their eyes lit up when they received this help, and they seemed to find hope in the midst of their crisis.

Thank you for standing with the people of Puerto Rico during this dark time and shining the light of Jesus’ love.


Hurricane Irma affected nearly every family in Cuba in some way. The communities of Sitiecito, Mariana, and Viana were especially hit hard, and many people lost their roofs or their entire homes.

But your compassionate giving equipped local congregations to help their neighbors in these communities and other surrounding areas.

One woman named Yaumara was worried about the health of her three children after the storm ripped off the roof of their home. The children already suffer from asthma and are often sick, and she was worried that lack of proper shelter would make their symptoms worse.

Another mother was struggling just to feed her family in the wake of the disaster. Her daughter is physically disabled and has serious kidney problems. This woman had no idea how she would be able to afford the food and medicine her child needed in addition to paying for repairs to their home.

Today, these families have comfort because of the help you provided. Thank you for sending meals and other lifesaving supplies to the people of Cuba.

Continue to help families affected by Irma

Your willingness to rush into action in times of tragedy and send immediate help impacted the lives of so many people affected by Hurricane Irma.

If you would like to give again and help even more families, you can give today at Your gift will be doubled up to $100,000, thanks to a matching gift from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. The road to recovery from Hurricane Irma is long, but you can make the journey easier for those affected with your continued support.

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