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Women’s Initiatives project report | 2017

Published: November 22, 2017

Project Report

Thailand and India Thailand and India

Thank you for your compassion for girls trapped in the sex industry. Because of your gift, a girl has regained her freedom.

Thousands of young women worldwide have been sold, exploited, and abused their entire lives. Forced to sell their bodies in order to support their families, many girls believe this way of life is their only option. But you helped show them they are worth so much more. You helped give them a future filled with hope.

Pattaya, Thailand

Suda, whose name we’ve changed to protect her identity, was sold to a bar when she was only 11 years old. Instead of playing with friends or dreaming about what she wanted to be when she grew up, Suda was forced to entertain customers to earn a living for her family.

Suda was sold five times — as if she were a commodity and not a human being. She didn’t have access to an education; therefore, she didn’t have access to a better life.

But then Suda connected with the Freedom Center in Pattaya. It was there she found safety, an education, emotional support, and a new beginning. And YOU were a huge part of this new opportunity for Suda. Now she has finished her high school education and dreams of attending college so she can begin a new career … one of her choosing.

Banchara community, India

Her mother explained to Aanya, whose name we’ve changed for her privacy, that she would soon have to follow tradition and become a sex worker like the other girls in Banchara. It is the only option these girls have to support their families — in their culture women are often the breadwinners.

But when Aanya turned 12 — the age she’d have to start a career as a sex worker —her mother decided she didn’t want her daughter to follow in her footsteps; she wanted Aanya to have a better life. She sent Aanya to the Freedom Community where she received physical safety and spiritual guidance.

Now Aanya is receiving an education and growing in her walk with Christ. Before, Aanya had no dreams for the future, but now it is full of possibilities. YOU helped give Aanya another choice … you helped her regain her freedom.

Every girl deserves freedom

There are so many impoverished girls in places like India and Thailand with similar stories to Aanya’s and Suda’s. They, too, deserve access to an education and options other than a career in the sex industry.

These young women suffer in silence because of their circumstances. But you can offer them a way out; otherwise, the horrible cycle of sex trafficking will only continue. For $50, you can help break the cycle and restore one girl’s freedom.

You have the power to change one girl’s life forever. Choose to give freedom today by visiting

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