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World Help Gifts project report | 2016

Published: December 14, 2016

Project Update

India, Rwanda

Thank you for your generous giving to World Help Gifts! Your willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus is changing lives around the world.

Sometimes the difference between life and death in a developing nation costs around $20, a minimal amount for us, but an impossible one for many who live in poverty.

You are standing in the gap to make sure these basic but vital needs are being met and your giving enables struggling people to live life with new hope and confidence.


Mosquito nets are some of the most inexpensive, yet effective gifts. These simple pieces of fabric serve to protect individuals, especially children, from many mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria.

Malaria is often deadly, but it also is highly preventable. Mosquito nets dramatically reduce a person’s chances of contracting the disease. However, those most at risk are often too poor to purchase a net.

Your generosity enabled those who are vulnerable to malaria, especially pregnant women, to have the mosquito nets they needed to stay safe.

“I am grateful for the mosquito net I received when I was expecting my baby,” said one new mother. “I did not fall sick. I now sleep in it with my daughter and we have not fallen sick of malaria.”

Your gift brought hope and comfort to this mother and to many others.


Attending school every day is a luxury that most children living in poverty can’t afford. Those who can go are proud to attend school and are excited about learning.

However, for children who can’t purchase simple supplies such as uniforms and books, school is merely a dream. For others, secondhand uniforms and worn-out books can make them feel ashamed or unworthy of attending classes.

By giving new uniforms and books to students in need, you gave them back their enthusiasm and passion for learning. Now they can feel confident among their peers and focus on their studies without being embarrassed.

Joy, an 11-year-old from India, expressed her feelings this way:

“I am very happy to get new books and uniforms for school. It makes me happy and excited to go to school. I am no longer ashamed of my uniform … it reminds me that God will always take good care of His children. He will provide for all their needs.”

To Joy, and to many others, your gift of school supplies was a beautiful picture of the love and provision of God.


When poverty forces people to rely on handouts to live, it steals their dignity and often their sense of self-worth. By giving livestock, you have changed that in a sustainable way.

One Rwandan widow, Emilia, said that the goat she received was a huge blessing. That goat, which can produce nearly 1 ton of milk annually, will allow her to feed her three children for years to come.

Livestock is a gift with the power to pull families like Emilia’s out of indigence and help them create a sustainable income. It is the kind of gift that can impact generations.

Gifts of pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and other animals have saved Emilia and others from the effects of poverty, given them new hope, and enabled them to live with confidence, certain of where they will receive their next meal.


Your generosity has impacted and transformed lives for the better around the world this year.

We are incredibly grateful for the tangible ways you are providing help to the needy and bringing hope to the hopeless. Your compassion and willingness to help will outlive you and last for eternity.

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