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You helped improve a child’s life in Myanmar

Published: May 5, 2020

Children's Program Update

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Thank you for sponsoring a child in Myanmar. Your ongoing support has improved a child’s life forever.

We like to keep you updated about what your sponsored child and other kids in the program have been up to over the past year… all because of your compassionate giving. And even though the world is a little different now than it was a couple of months ago because of the coronavirus, we were able to get this report of how your child has been doing since Christmas and knew you would want to hear it.

A Christmas packed with fun

Your sponsored child celebrated Christmas all December long. On two separate occasions, the children’s home hosted a carol sing-along. All of the kids loved singing and giving praise to God through music! By the end of each night, everyone was definitely in the holiday spirit.

Dec. 23 was a big day for the kids. It was the day of their Christmas party! The excitement began as soon as the children walked up and saw the colorful decorations, streamers, and tinsel everywhere. Then, the festivities got underway. Many of the older kids dressed up in fun costumes to perform a special song and dance. The children then enjoyed a delicious traditional meal followed by a time of exchanging gifts.

The holidays wrapped up with a sweet midnight service on Christmas Eve where all of the sponsored children heard about the true meaning of Christmas and gave thanks to God for sending His Son.

Fresh air and exercise

Shortly after Christmas, the children took a field trip to Prayer Mountain located several hours away in Kayin State. The mountain is about 4,800 feet above sea level and offers breathtaking scenic views. There are prayer rooms both on the path up the mountain and at the peak along with a big iron cross.

The climb to the top was definitely a workout — the children had to scale 374 stairs! It was a lot of fun, though, and the kids were proud of themselves for making it. They celebrated with a picnic and games.


Coping with coronavirus

In addition to helping make holiday parties and special outings possible, your continued support also helps meet your sponsored child’s everyday needs. You make sure your child has access to essentials like nutritious food, medical care, and educational opportunities — things that are especially important during difficult times like the coronavirus outbreak the world is now facing.

All of the children are safe have not been directly affected by the virus. However, they have seen a lot of daily changes similar to what we have seen in America. Schools were already out for the academic year when the lockdown began, and there has been talk about delaying re-opening them after the break. Your sponsored child continues to learn English grammar and language two days a week to be prepared for when classes start back.

Due to social distancing, the children must remain at the children’s home and cannot have any visitors at this time. The staff has been taking good care of them, though, making sure they are fed and leading them in Bible study every day so they will be confident that God can lead them through this trial. Please continue to keep your sponsored child in your prayers during this time.


Thank you

Your gift of sponsorship has been life changing!

Every month, your gift boosts the health and happiness of your sponsored child. For that, we cannot thank you enough! You can give an additional gift today to provide extra help for your sponsored child and other kids in the program by visiting

Thank you for investing in the life of a child.

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