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Rescue a
malnourished child

Why rescue?

Right now, a child in poverty is dying from malnutrition and disease. But YOU can help save his life. Your gift will provide necessities such as medical care, nutritious food, long-term rehabilitation, and more.

For $1,200, you can rescue a child from death.

How will my gift help?

Your $1,200 will cover every step of a child’s rescue such as…

  • Transportation costs
  • Medical treatment at a Rescue Center
  • Hospital stay
  • Housing and care for family members
  • Food, clothing, and supplies,
  • Continuing care and check-ups

Who will my gift help?

You will help rescue a child in Guatemala, Uganda, or Haiti. In these countries, impoverished families often can’t afford nutritious food or medical care Parents are helpless as they watch their children grow sicker. But you can help save a child today.

How can I get involved?

Give today, and save a sick, starving child from the brink of death. Your $1,200 gift will rescue a malnourished child and give provide long-term rehabilitation. You will give one boy or girl a chance to beat malnutrition and continue growing healthier for years to come.

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