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Rescue a Syrian refugee for $35

Blog Team
Apr 19, 2018

Syria is still reeling from the chemical attack on Douma that killed around 75 people.

April 7 was every Syrian’s worst nightmare — choking, gasping, fleeing for safety. And how did we respond as a nation? We debated.

The Syrian people don’t need another debate about who is at fault or what kind of nerve agent was used. They need compassion. They need action. They need someone to meet their most urgent needs so they can survive.

You can be part of this response. When you give $35, you provide food and urgent medical care to one refugee.  

Our partners are on the ground just outside Douma and eastern Ghouta, ready to distribute the supplies you provide to the people who need it most. One of them said this about choosing compassion instead of taking sides:

“If you want to know which side of the conflict we’re on, it’s the side of those whose lives have unraveled in all the violence. We’re on the side of bombed-out, driven-out, desperate children, mothers, and fathers who’ve lost everything. “

Instead of taking part in a debate, take action today! Your $35 gift provides the essential supplies one refugee desperately needs and brings hope in the midst of this crisis.

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