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No child should live like this

In places like Thailand and India’s Banchara community, girls are expected to be the breadwinners in their families. If they can’t afford an education, that often means they will spend their entire life in the area’s booming sex industry. Some girls are forced to start selling their bodies as young as 12 years old!

But girls aren’t the only victims of this culture.

Boys suffer, too.

If a boy’s mother is a sex worker, she often has to bring clients to her home. He can’t help but notice, which is emotionally scarring for a child. Not to mention having strangers in the house puts him in danger of being exploited. Plus, boys who live under these conditions become numb to the sex industry and are more likely to become pimps or abusers themselves.

For just $40 a month, you can rescue a child from this dangerous environment and help prevent him or her from being exploited.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a child below to sponsor.
  2. With your $40 monthly gift, you will help keep that child away from the dangers of the sex industry by providing essentials like a safe place to live, medical care, healthy food, and a quality education.
  3. You will have the opportunity to write your sponsored child letters and send words of encouragement and love.

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