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Rescuing a child can save a mother, too!

Kelsey Campbell
Apr 07, 2018

Claudine’s soft, baby skin had turned ashy. The 18-month-old’s thin limbs hung by her side. In their small home in Haiti, Claudine’s mother rocked her, trying to comfort her daughter’s weak whimpers.

As she tenderly kissed her daughter’s cheek, Claudine’s mother knew she was watching her child die.

So she sold what few possessions she had in order to afford a visit to the local witch doctor. Her family practiced voodoo, and Claudine’s mother was confident he would be able to heal her daughter.

But Claudine’s condition only worsened. Her mother brought her back home without any hope.

Then one day, hope arrived at their door.

The medical staff from the Haiti Rescue Center met Claudine during a chance encounter and urged her mother to bring her to the center.

At the Rescue Center, impoverished children receive the vital care they need to recover from diseases caused by malnutrition — all because of the generosity of compassionate donors.

Claudine weighed just 15 pounds when she arrived at the clinic, the average weight of a 6-month-old.

But after a month of treatment at the Rescue Center, Claudine gained six pounds. Her cheeks recovered their baby roundness, and her collarbone no longer protruded from her small shoulders.

While Claudine received physical care at the clinic, her mother got to hear about the Great Physician. And by the end of Claudine’s stay, her mother had given her life to Christ!

Because of the generous support of World Help donors, Claudine and her mother left the clinic physically and spiritually renewed.

Claudine continues to grow healthier every day. The clinic’s medical staff conducts regular follow-up visits to ensure she is maintaining a healthy weight.

But neither Claudine nor her mother would have come to know restoration without the sacrificial gift of someone else.

You can rescue a child like Claudine today for just $50. Your gift will provide an initial medical evaluation and emergency food for a child suffering from malnutrition in Haiti, Uganda, or Guatemala.

Through your giving, you can help rescue and renew the life of a child in need.

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