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Reza Needs YOUR Help Distributing Bibles in the Middle East!

Vernon Brewer
Jul 29, 2023


In the face of opposition, some people run in the other direction — but not our Bibles for All Ambassadors.

They’re committed to spreading the Gospel to the darkest places on earth. Just recently, they helped send copies of Scripture into Iran.

According to Open Doors, Iran is the eighth most dangerous country in the world to be a Christ-follower. Iranians face extreme persecution for their faith in Christ. It’s even illegal to own a Bible — but that doesn’t stop Christians from asking for copies.

Iranians are waiting for someone like YOU to send Bibles!
In some Bible Desserts, the Gospel is smuggled in on USB drives 

Unfortunately, it’s been nearly impossible for Iranians to get a copy of God’s Word for generations. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the Bible was translated into modern Persian.

Until then, the most recent translation was over 100 years old. It was extremely difficult to understand, and very few copies were in circulation.

But now that there are copies of Scripture printed and ready to go, our Bibles of All Ambassadors make sure people like Reza can distribute them to the people who need to hear God’s Word most!

Reza, whose name I’ve changed to protect him, is no stranger to hardship.

When he was a boy, his mother suddenly passed away … and just 40 days later, his father remarried. His father was struggling with a severe drug addiction at the time. That meant that most days, Reza was left alone with his stepmother, who abused him.

Each day was full of unimaginable pain and suffering. When Reza turned 20, he fled Iran to escape his abusive family … but things didn’t get much easier once he arrived in Turkey.

Alone in a new country, Reza felt more lost than ever. That’s when he stumbled across an Iranian evangelist in the streets of Istanbul. He gave Reza a copy of the New Testament — which completely transformed his heart and mind.

Send physical and spiritual aid to Iran!
Iranian women who convert to Christianity are often divorced by their husbands and lose custody of their children

For the first time in Reza’s life, he had hope and had found his purpose.

He returned to Iran to reconcile with and help heal his family. And now, with the help of Bibles for All Ambassadors, Reza works to distribute God’s Word throughout Iran so other people can experience the love of Christ just like he did!

If you are already a Bibles for All Ambassador, thank you for the eternal impact you make each month. Your generosity helps people like Reza spread the Gospel in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth!

If you’re not an Ambassador yet, I urge you to become one today.

When you commit to a monthly gift of $30, you will send three Bibles to people who don’t have one each month. And since Bibles are commonly shared among family and friends, your gift multiplies — meaning each copy of God’s Word you send will impact at least five people.

That means you could impact 180 people with God’s Word in just one year!

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador today to begin spreading God’s Word around the globe.


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