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Rotten food and riots: Tension in Venezuela escalates

Blog Team
Mar 11, 2019

Venezuelan mothers are desperately pounding on the doors of supermarkets, begging to be let in so they can feed their children. But on day four of the nationwide power outage, even if these mothers could afford groceries, these stores aren’t open because there’s no electricity.

What little food families have is rotting in idle refrigerators. Hospitals have gone dark, and nurses are helplessly watching their patients die. And with looting and riots escalating every day, Venezuela is on the brink of imploding from the chaos.

But you can send critical supplies to help save lives while this power outage continues. For $14, you can send several weeks’ worth of emergency food and a hygiene kit.

Our partner on the ground in Venezuela recently shared this update, explaining how the situation is deteriorating with each passing day:

“The main news is that tomorrow there’s expected looting in main food stores. Millions have lost what little food they had left, so food shortage is huge nationwide. I am asking you to take the next few hours and days to continue praying for the current situation here in Venezuela as tempers are flaring and patience is at an all-time low.”

Your gift can literally be the difference between life and death for individuals struggling to survive in this volatile country.

Venezuelan families are begging for even the smallest scrap of bread. And YOU can help.

Will you give $14 today to help keep someone alive?


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