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Rwanda: Surviving poverty, pregnancy, and a global pandemic

Sam Campbell
Jul 07, 2020

“None of our business is working because the borders are closed because of COVID-19.”

Gaudance and her husband are hard workers. Her husband used to be a truck driver, transporting goods from Rwanda into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Gaudance also worked in DRC, carrying fresh vegetables from their Rwandan home to sell in some of the larger cities across the border.

Then the coronavirus began spreading. Borders closed. Markets emptied. And everyone found themselves trapped indoors. Now, Gaudance and her husband are jobless and struggling to make ends meet.

People just like Gaudance and her family in impoverished communities around the world are desperate for help during this global pandemic. 

Today, you can help provide lifesaving aid like food, medical care, hygiene kits, and more to people in Rwanda and around the world who are struggling to survive. And thanks to a matching gift, your gift DOUBLES!

“I experienced sleeping on an empty stomach for two days in this lockdown,” Gaudance said soon after losing her job. “And as you see, I am pregnant.”


That means Gaudance isn’t the only one in danger. With every day that passes without food, her unborn child is suffering, too. Gaudance needs to stay strong. She needs nutrition. Not just for her … but for her baby, as well.

Unfortunately, Rwanda’s lockdown took away her livelihood and now they can’t afford essentials like groceries and medicine.

Rwanda was the first African country to go under total lockdown. Since March, public transportation has stopped. Shops and businesses shuttered. And no one is allowed to leave their house except for essentials.

The lockdown has been successful at containing the virus. There have only been around 900 confirmed cases and two deaths. But people like Gaudance are more concerned about food right now.

For a moment, there was hope. The Rwandan government was working toward easing restrictions by June 1. But after a spike in cases, they canceled that decision and stuck with the original plan: Rwanda remains under lockdown until further notice.

“One of the first needs is the need for food,” our Rwandan partner said. “Rwanda as a developing country … we really don’t have a lot of reserves.”

That’s because people like Gaudance survive day to day. They have no extra food. No savings accounts. No “nest egg” tucked away somewhere.

If they don’t work, they don’t eat.

“Please continue to pray for us,” Gaudance said, “so that at least the situation normalizes in our town so that we are able to provide for our basic needs.”

Gaudance and her husband want to get back to work. They want to provide for their growing family. But under the circumstances, they can’t do it alone.

Will you help someone like Gaudance today? Your gift will help provide essentials like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, and more as well as bring hope during this pandemic. Plus, your donation will DOUBLE up to $300,000 thanks to a matching gift recently pledged by World Help Board members.

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When you give, you’ll also help erase World Help’s projected budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events due to the coronavirus. Your doubled gift will help ensure families around the world continue to receive physical help and spiritual hope during their darkest days.

Someone else just like Gaudance — perhaps another mother-to-be — is waiting for a rescuer like you. She’s all alone. Scared. Out of work. And wondering what’s going to happen to her family.

Today, you can be the answer to her prayers. Your doubled gift will not only help her survive this pandemic … but you’ll also share the love of God through your compassionate giving.

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