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Rebuilding Rwanda | 30 Years After Genocide

Trauma Counseling for victims’ families

Food and Support for war widows

Vocational Training for those who couldn’t finish school

Clean Water

Sustainable Agriculture


for continued healing and a Rwanda that is more united in hope than ever.


to support sustainable projects in communities still recovering from the genocide and meet other urgent needs worldwide.


about how others can get involved in rebuilding Rwanda through your personal networks.

Stories of Rebuilding

The Veil Removed in Rwanda

Today’s blog is written by Elizabeth Smith, who recently went on a trip with our World Help team to Rwanda. In this post she shares her thoughts from her life-changing experience.

A Sponsor’s Journey in Rwanda

Taylor LaBarbera chose to sponsor Caline in Rwanda because she planned on visiting there and hoped to meet her one day.

4 Ways to Pray for Rwanda

For 100 days in 1994, a darkness unfolded in Rwanda that permeated the soul of every national.

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