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Rebuilding Rwanda | 20 Years After Genocide


Twenty years ago saw the most gruesome civilian uprising known in our time: the Rwandan genocide—a period the international community laments as one of the largest preventable losses in recent history.

By early 1994, ethnic tensions between the majority Hutu and marginal Tutsi populations in Rwanda had reached a peak. And before the world knew what was happening, nearly 1 million Rwandans had been slaughtered in one of the swiftest and most grisly massacres of our day.

April 7, 1994, marked the beginning of the bloody, 100-day siege that claimed the lives of more than 800,000 innocent Rwandans.



The Toll of Rwanda’s Genocide

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The Toll of Rwanda’s Genocide

800k to 1M

Tutsi and moderate Hutus were killed in the span of 100 days


 children were murdered and another 75,000 orphaned


Hutus fled to refugee camps in bordering countries

250k to 500k

women were raped during the 100-day uprising



How We Are Rebuilding Rwanda

Over the last decade, World Help has worked to bring healing and restoration to Rwandan communities through initiatives like trauma counseling, children’s homes, child sponsorship, construction projects, clean-water wells, sustainable agriculture, vocational training, and more.

In memory of Rwanda’s most fateful days, World Help invites you to participate in our 100 days of “Rebuilding Rwanda.” We ask that you join us in three ways:


for continued healing and for a Rwanda that is more united in hope than ever before.


to support sustainable projects in communities still recovering from genocide.

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Our Gift For You

Receive our Peace Basket when you give a gift of $150 or more. These traditional Rwandan baskets are woven by a community of artisans who have reconciled with their perpetrators and found healing through unity in art.

Remember . . . and join us in saying “never again.”





    Agaseke weaver

    Peace Basket

Stories of Rebuilding


Children of Rwanda - World Help - Copy


A Hiding Place from the Slaughter

Frodouald bit the inside of his cheek, wincing in pain as his blistered palms gripped the splintered handle of the shovel. His back ached and beads of sweat trickled from his brow watering the red earth. Silently, the sun sleepily stretched awake on the eastern horizon. He hummed softly …

Africa_July_2013_CMB_0021 - Copy


Star School | A Source of Light and Hope

Nearly 700 boys and girls are impacted daily by the incredible work at the Star School campus in Rwanda. Founded by a pastor who had a vision to provide quality education to …

My Neighbor Once A Killer, Now a Friend


My Neighbor: Once a Killer, Now a Friend

There are 800,000 reasons why Jaqueline could have refused a former perpetrator of the genocide, Frederick, to become her neighbor. 800,000 reasons. In the spring of 1994, the lives …

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The Simple Secret of Transformation

A sinking feeling began to wash over Janelle Lang as her eyes scanned the streets of Rwanda for the first time. The billboards lining the streets warned women …

Rebuild Rwanda with World Help - Copy


4 Ways To Pray For Rwanda

For 100 days in 1994, a darkness unfolded in Rwanda that permeated the soul of every national. Hatred . . . betrayal . . . blindness. All led to a subjugation of human rights gross enough to earn Rwanda …

Culinary training - World Help

Restoring Dignity Through Vocational Training

The day began much like any other for those living in Rwanda. Men, women, and children, had no idea a 100-day massacre would begin on April 7, 1994 . . . a massacre that would result in more than 800,000 Rwandans brutally murdered. Despite the pas …

The Art of Forgiveness

The Art of Forgiveness

For 100 days, evil reigned in Rwanda. A seed of fear had been planted deeply within the hearts of the Rwandan people. It was an encroaching, toxic fear which eventually gave way to suspicion, division, and ultimately, an unmatched hatred between t…

Rwanda - World Help - thumb

Rwanda | May We Never Forget

Where was God when a million innocent people were being butchered? Where was God when priests and pastors helped massacre the people in their churches? I’ll tell you where God was. He was alongside the victims lying on the cold stone floor  …

Rebuild Rwanda - thumb

Twenty Years Later, We Have Not Forgotten

Twenty years ago, the world watched in horror as one of the swiftest civil uprisings of our time left more than 800,000 Rwandans dead. The 1994 Rwandan genocide is now known as one of the largest preventable losses of life in recent history …

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Water for Rwanda: A Fountain of Joy

When Rebecca Rodgers returned from her trip, something inside of her had shifted. Lavished in the warmth of Rwandan hospitality, Rebecca found herself astonished by the supernatural joy which surged through them, even in …


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