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Salvage one girl’s future today

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 21, 2019

Would you rather your daughter become a doctor or a sex worker?

The answer is pretty obvious. Unfortunately, for mothers living in the Banchara community of India, what they want for their daughters doesn’t always happen.

Arthi’s mother wants her to follow her dream of studying medicine … not become a sex worker like she is.

For $35 a month, you can help rescue a girl like Arthi from a life of sexual slavery.

Arthi’s mother had to enter the sex industry because she had no education and no other job opportunities. But she wants a different, better life for Arthi.

In Arthi’s community, there is a centuries-old tradition called nari mata that requires the eldest daughter of each family to sell her body so her brothers can afford a marriage dowry. If a girl has many brothers, she’ll be working to pay off the debt for the rest of her life.

She’ll be considered an outcast with no chance at marriage and will likely become sick with life-threatening, sexually transmitted diseases.

Since Arthi has a brother, many people in her community thought that would be her future, as well. But her mother had different plans.

She doesn’t want her daughter to become a sex worker. That’s why she wants Arthi to go to school … and reach her goal of becoming a doctor.

But Arthi and other girls in her situation can’t afford an education without help. They need someone to come to their rescue and to build a better future for them outside of poverty and the sex trade.

YOU can be that rescuer.

When you sponsor a girl like Arthi for just over $1 a day, you will help keep her away from the dangers of the sex industry by providing essentials like a quality education, a safe place to live, medical care, nutritious meals, and more.

Without help — without an education — these girls will be forced to live in poverty their entire lives. And many will end up selling their bodies to provide for their families, just like their mothers before them.

But you can show one girl her future is worth more.

When Arthi’s mother gave birth, she knew what her daughter might be forced to become one day. But if her daughter receives a sponsor, Arthi’s mom won’t have to worry about her anymore. She’ll know that her daughter’s dreams are safe.

Will you rescue one girl like Arthi today? You’ll be reawakening her dreams and breaking links in the chains of sexual slavery.


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