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Santa, snowmen, and Children of the World

Emily Towns
Dec 23, 2019

Since the last Children of the World update, choir members have experienced their first American Thanksgiving and have been savoring every moment of the Christmas season.

Throughout most of the tour, the children stay in host homes along the way. But this year, the team had the chance to stay at a camp in Ohio while celebrating Thanksgiving together. They shared a special meal, played games, and gave thanks for all of their blessings.

Another highlight for the choir this fall was a quick stop at Niagara Falls. The kids bundled up tightly to shield themselves against the spray as they peered over the edge of the overlook. They were amazed by the rising mist and the roar of the falls.

The children love any opportunity to play outside, but they were especially thrilled when they got to play in the snow after an early snowfall. Grace and Kripa were so proud of the snowman they built with Auntie Innocent!

Now, the children are headed south for Christmas and are looking forward to their first visit to Florida. They have heard stories of alligators and other creepy-crawly animals native to the state, and many of them have joked about running into an alligator on Christmas morning.

Besides keeping an eye out for any wild reptiles, the choir members have big plans for the holiday. At one stop, the kids were gifted festive Christmas light necklaces, and they have been saving them to wear together on Christmas morning.

They’re also excited to spend time building gingerbread houses, drinking hot cocoa in their pajamas, watching classic Christmas movies, playing with puzzles and board games, and baking cookies — special activities that the kids will remember forever.

We asked the choir what they were most excited about this Christmas season, and here’s what a few of the boys and girls had to say:

“We get to meet Santa Claus at the mall and take pictures!” — Grace 

“I love our light necklaces. They are so nice, and I want to wear them all day on Christmas!” — Josephine

“I really like the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ so I want to keep singing this.” — Mark

“I’m excited to see all the Christmas lights and all the different Christmas trees.” — Henry and Wang

“I’m excited about dolls and gifts and to see Santa Claus” — Passang

Of course, more than the lights and decorations and gifts, the kids are excited about celebrating the birth of Jesus. They have added two Christmas songs — “Joy to the World” and “Welcome to our World” — to their music lineup when visiting churches so they can sing about the reason for the season.

As the choir looks back on the first half of their tour and on 2019, they are grateful for many things — including you! If your church has hosted the Children of the World choir, then you are one of the reasons they have had such an incredible year.

Thank you for loving these children and praying for them. Please continue to do so throughout the holidays and into the new year.

Be sure to check out the choir’s tour schedule to see when they’ll be coming to a city near you. You can also book the choir to sing at your own church!

And if you are able to attend one of the concerts yourself, feel free to share pictures on social media and tag us. We love seeing the smiles they bring to your faces as well as the ones you bring to theirs. You are what makes the choir’s tour so special!


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