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Saving lives from Afghanistan to Ukraine

Megan Gingerich
Mar 27, 2022

In the past decade, the global refugee population has more than doubled. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes because of circumstances like war, persecution, and famine.

Everything can change in just one day.

In Afghanistan, people were suddenly forced to flee when the Taliban took over. Now, people in Ukraine are on the run to escape the war with Russia. Life as a refugee is extremely difficult. Every day is a fight for survival.

But thankfully, world changers like you have stepped in to help people like Sharif.

Since Sharif is a refugee from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, we’ve changed his name to keep him safe.

It’s been over seven months since the Taliban took over and Sharif’s family had to flee to a displacement camp.

In the camp, there is little access to essentials like food, clean water, and basic medical care. And this past winter, conditions got even worse.

Afghanistan experienced a brutal winter with record-setting freezing temperatures.

Without blankets or warm clothing, Sharif worried that his children would freeze to death. But World Help donors provided them with a lifeline.

Thanks to your generous gifts, Sharif received plenty of nutritious food to feed his hungry children. They were so grateful to finally have something to eat. We had to blur these photos for their safety, but the smiles on their faces say it all!

The help this family received didn’t stop there, though. They still needed to keep warm if they were going to survive the winter. So, Sharif family received firewood, an expensive luxury many refugees can’t afford.

For the first time in months, Sharif didn’t have to watch his children go to bed hungry and shivering.

“My family members are very happy for receiving these items,” he said. “It was a great help at the right time.”

Now, there’s another refugee crisis unfolding.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already displaced millions …. and it’s not slowing down. Even though they come from a different country, Ukrainian refugees will face many of the same challenges as Sharif’s family.

Click the button below to learn how you can help a refugee from Ukraine, Afghanistan, or another high-conflict area.

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