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Provide the school supplies a sponsored child needs

Uniforms, books, and pencils are just a few of the supplies children need to be successful in school. Sadly, kids in developing countries often can’t afford these. Many have to share with classmates or simply go without.

You can help fix that! Your special back-to-school gift in honor of your sponsored child will help provide educational supplies for students in sponsorship programs around the world.

You’ve already made an incredible impact in the life of the child you sponsor. Now, you have the opportunity to increase your impact and make sure that other boys and girls also have the tools they need to succeed.

Here are some ways you can help this school year:

Send an encouraging note

When you provide school supplies, you’ll have the opportunity to write a special note to your sponsored child, encouraging him or her to work hard in school. Use the special card you received in the mail to write your message of support.

Every time your child looks at this card, he or she will be reminded how much you care and will be motivated to study hard this school year.

You also can write a message to your sponsored child online.

Invest in a child’s education

Enclose a financial gift with your card to ensure other boys and girls have the tools they need to do well in school. You’ll provide supplies like uniforms, shoes, textbooks, and more.

Your gift has the power to help a kid stay on the path to graduating, finding a job, and breaking the cycle of poverty!

Please return your card and financial gift in the envelope provided by Sept. 17 to ensure your sponsored child and others have the supplies and encouragement they need to succeed in school this year.

Thank you. Please do not refresh the page while we process your transaction.